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We love these social apps ( to connect us with our friends. From Fancy, which curates style across the web, to Streamzoo, a photo sharing platform, use these great apps to both discover and stay in touch. Which apps do you use to let your friends know where you are and what you're doing?
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Hey! The cute little dog is back! I love that guy
I like and love my friends, but they do not need to know where I am and what I'm doing.
Could you guys release an app with those Icons to be used on third party launchers? Id love to have those for Folder Icons :)
You forgot to include people taking pictures of their food!
The only app on that list that I even have installed is Google+. I don't foresee wanting any of the others that are listed. 
I was looking for this image in high resolution, to use it as wallpaper for my Galaxy Nexus, can someone give me the URL please?
Any word on the new Google play releasing in India? Because the nexus 7 did?
Any date on when Google Play gets expanded in Belgium to include hardware? I'm really interested in that Nexus 4. :-)
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