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Big plans this weekend? Add these action-packed films ( to the fun, starting at just $4.99 for a limited time.
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still no play- books, movies, devices shop in my country austria :(
Alex W
Great, but there are people outside US too, you know? 
Two things are wrong: US only (well, wuh), and the link doesn't work.
let's pack it up boys, seems like the US is the only country with technology that allows them to watch people move inside a computer screen. The rest of world is not worthy. 
When is it going to be available in Central America?
woe is me, the media content providers deny Google license in my country because they have a myopic view of the world and like to keep living in a draconian world with region locks. Why can't they see this is an interconnected global entertainment world. Why doesn't Google just risk all their current media licenses by giving the whole world access to all the Play Books, Music and Media!
+Bill Bartholomew then why is apple able to sell movies and music through it's store in my country ? I don't see google shying away from fixing a distribution deal if one were available to them.
Yep,, Google just wants the US's money, and no one else..
Seriously.. Legality, copyrights, and the other country's government (just to name a few) are the reasons it's not in other countries..
Google play want to sell you content, it is a business! However selling to every country simply isn't possible. The red tape alone would be a nightmare let alone the differing ethical and moral views of certain film content in the various cultures. Believe me, as soon as Google can, they will take your money from you happily.
I click these every time thinking it's going to be a link to the store, but it's still always just a picture. 
In Spain we do have movies, but not the same prices, not the same offers, not the same catalog and dubbed-only. #googleplay #fail
I truly want, but there's no Movies/TV, Books, Music and Magazines for Puerto Rico users!
GooglePlay removed my "Bill My Carrier" option when they 'pushed' that "Redeem" feature. This is after Ive used the option over the year. The ONLY help iI got from Google was a scripted autoresponse that I later "googled" to find that the response is sent to everyone with this problem, regardless of the carrier. Google "fix" is "Contact your carrier, they are blocking the option".

Recently this month, GooglePlay pushed more updates, including some "recommended for you" apps, this "continue shopping" 'feature', and some review changes where we have to "re-join"g+ in order to do future reviews in GooglePlay while older reviews lost our usernames and only say "a google user".

Durimg the intermitted "updates", my Bill My Carrier option showed back up! I was happy and "thanked" google.........only to wake up a week later after these latter updates removed my option yet again...

Google W H E N will you address and fix your bug?
Nope, bought one for $4.99.
I'm still seeing like 5 that are $4.99
I see eight at $4.99 purchase and nine at $2.99 rent. Not sure what list you're looking at Frank, but you're clearly doing it wrong.
Show me the link. Because I went to Play Store for Star Trek and it was regular price. 
I wish Google would separate the Buy versus Rent when they advertise "...from $4.99"  They should add have "Buy from $4.99 or Rent from $1.99"
When will these be available in New Zealand?
To the people who try to tell us, that it's so hard to sell movies and things outside of the US: Why are Apple and some other companies qualified to do this?
Don't know.. Just using what Google has had on their blog and a couple of other sources that pretty much say the same thing.
I can say things as well if the day is long... Again, why are other companies qualified to do things that Google Play seems to be not qualified to do? Or is it just that Google doesn't really try that hard?
I love Google play but I only buy online movies that are Ultraviolet compatible. Any chance you can do that? 
Why can't Google Play Movies, TV Shows, Books and Magazines be available at Brazil??! You guys are loosing some serious amounts of money!!
I stand by what I said earlier. This is a marketing gimmick to draw you in. All these movies are for sale for 10 dollars - same as Amazon. To rent? Redbox is half price. 
Track ..:D
All seem to be available in the U.K. as far as I can tell. ^_^
Why doesn't +Google Play give us an answer? Every time an add for a new deal in the play store comes up, for products, magazines, music and moves, everybody in here are asking when those services come to their countries. I have never seen an answer from them. Google is a us company, but it has become big because of the global reach. So why is it hesitating to give the same services world wide. Apple manages to give similar services in all countries, so obviously there is a way around copyright laws etc. 
+Jaron Brender because Google cannot just provide media in various countries without first securing appropriate rights and deals with the rights holders in those countries. Neither can Apple, which is why in Australia, for example, magazines on Play Store only just came out and TV shows in particular are hard to get (in iTunes as well) - because the local rights holders don't want to relinquish any control. See this article from CNET for an example (albeit where Australia has Game of Thrones before the USA, in iTunes:

The problem here isn't Google - it's local rights holders. 
+Rodney Fletcher But it would help if Google wouldn't just ignore all the people from outside the US. Here they act most of the time as if there would nobody ask for services in other countries. Their communication-style is just horrible. And concerning the rightholders, who if not Google could achieve a change here for more and better globalization in media-rights? Why don't they start a campaign like for free Internet, how they do it actually in Germany? With their uncommunicative behavior they give their customers a feeling as Google doesn't care for them and doesn't really try to make a change.
Can you have a country specific play store page we can follow?
When it's a country specific offer, could you share it to the proper geographic circles so you'll stop receiving troll comments. Just a suggestion for you to use the features of +Google+ :-) 
Let me squash this. Google is still obtaining licenses for media distribution. Apple and Amazon and others have been doing it for years and already have said licenses and contracts and exclusivities. Google started this just over a year ago. Calm down. All good things come to those who wait. 
Google are so late to launch this services/products to other countries. Apple has just launch your services at APP store fast.
Please, consider filtering by country. Out of US, this adverts cause no good to Google Play.
+Alex Klink Das geht leider nicht, das Samsung Galaxy Y hat leider nicht genug Leistung für Minecraft PE.
+Alex Klink Es kann sein, dass das an den Developer liegt. Sagt es, dass es nicht in deutschland gedownloaded sein kann? Oder dass es einfach nicht kompatabel ist? Wenn es nur "nicht kompatabel" ist, liegt das Problem an den Developer.
Not cool. Country restrictions :(
I don't think a anybody thinks that google are deliberately holding services back. The reality that so many people everywhere wants to buy stuff through google, just reflect that we think that they are great and want more of it. And since we are all contributing by consuming adds on google, we want the benefits and services as well. 
At least these movies should be available at usa and a small little country in Europe called Portugal
Do you know where is Portugal? (message to GooglePlay team)
yes it is in Europe. sorry, just felt the need to answer dat.....
Apple Store sells music and films in Russia but Google dont =(( 
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