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Whether traveling by plane, train or car, the #holiday season can be hectic. Let the commotion pass you by! Get lost in these great reads, like Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue and Christopher McDougal’s Born to Run:
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La-la-la, still no accese to google books :)
Моя карточка из глазной клиники Федорова .Там я операцию сделал.Теперь вижу .Катаракта была 
Be nice when we live in a unified world that doesn't leave out most of the world when we have media.
I'm guessing that no one wants Google to be able to sell to other countries more than Google.
Yeah those links always go to clickserve URL and then fail. :-/
Everytime you forget to indicate what countries the posts apply to, I get my hopes up that you have opened the service up to everyone :-(
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