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Last chance! Get issues of top magazines including PC Gamer and MaximumPC for only 99c for a limited time: US-
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Not in Germany :(
Well, +Google Play , if you are barring us from using your services, you should use regional filter for your #googleplus entries as well. Only people who actually can benefit from your offers should be able to view such posts as this one
Why do these official Google play post links not work when I click on them? Google + app to Google chrome app and link is broken.... Funny
+saul ruiz most likely the product is not available in your country, and that's what the message you see tells you. If only you read it or all the comments made before yours....
In my experience there's no error message, just a blank page. That's not the least bit helpful.
Not available here in the UK :(. This is why I am moving to Amazon for my digital content. My music was already on Amazon. I got a Kindle fire HD for Christmas. Now I get my apps through Amazon as well. When Amazon bring out their phone it will be bye bye Google. Amazon seem to value my custom more.
The links always have a country code in front of them to stop people from clicking that are not in that country. If you look carefully you will all see US meaning it's U.S. only. If it was CA it would be Canada, etc. No need to click the link unless it is specific to your country or you have some way to spoof the ip and have a credit card that will work for that country.
Yes, very funny Thomas. As if there's ever any special offers for Canada...
I have seen them in the past +Martin Kidd as that is how I know the code for it. I rarely if ever see any other country codes yet other then Canada and U.S. thought that I can remember. December 28th was the last offer for Canada and U.S. folks with an offer for Maxim Magazine by the way. There were others before that though.
Mr SteG
Its NOT very obvious but its available in the US only. I guess thats what the US infront of the url means and the price displayed as 99c(ents). It should say so in the post instead of wasting our bleedin time taking us to a 'not found' page. Wheres the -1 button?.
+Mr SteG that is why I posted about how google works the country codes since a lot of people must not know about how the codes work.  This way now they know they will know it does not work for them if it says US and they are in another country.
Not in Malaysia! When will it be Google? 
+Google Play needs a separate account for people who don't have it in their country yet, so that at least some posts won't get spammed by "NOT IN <random country here>!!!!!1```" bullshit. Do you really think leaving a comment on a post about magazines will get it there faster?
Thanks for the constant reminder that Google isn't available worldwide yet. Friggin douchbags, WE KNOW ALREADY! 
+Wayne Randall some of this may be legal. I'm guessing that some of these magazines are banned, or have local editions.
well, perhaps it's annoying for people to read what's in US available only - over and over again. As suggested - google should use region specific announcement channels...

+Robert Strickland - you say they're available on Amazon, but the last time I tried to get hold of Official Xbox Magazine (US edition) from Amazon, it said it's not available in the UK...
Too expensive, make it 99 cents for a one year subscription and I'll consider it, or get better magazines
Google? What about the rest of the world? We do actually read magazines in the least we try :s
us only as always.we are tired of country discriminations. Allow offers for global users or dont offer at all...
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