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The new +Acer #Chromebook is now available on Google Play in the US for $199 and in the UK for £199. It’s a hassle-free computer, perfect for sharing, with the simplicity of automatic updates and security built-in.
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Will the new Samsung Chromebook be arriving on the UK Google Play Store any time soon? This seems like a pretty big step down in comparison.
Nice currency conversion there...
Bought the new Samsung Chromebook! 249 I love it.
When I click on the link, specs says Acer, picture says Samsung lol.
I would buy so happily the hardware in the Play Store... But unfortunately this is not possible in Switzerland. Could you explain to me why not?
Ah, that old 1:1 Dollar to Sterling exchange rate. I think it might actually be cheaper to buy an +Acer Chromebook from the US and have a friend ship it to the UK...
And once again, Google has limited the release of this device to certain countries which means I'll have to steal this from someone.
If only the Samsung arm based one was available
now show us the benefit of a 320Gb Hard drive... what we can do with this space? is there a file manager? can we zip/unzip? How to download Torrents? is there a way to burn cds with an external device? how can i tag mp3? how can i put subtitles .srt on the video player? ... I've got a lot of unanswered question that i'm eager to understand about chromebook. Can somebody help me?
Kinda crappy price conversion though. $199 does not equal £199, just saying!
+Google should probably work on fixing the server issues they are having when trying to connect via mobile app!
+Andrea Pasi I was just thinking the same thing.  I ordered the Samsung through on November 1 and it's finally scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  The beauty of it for me is that I can use the 100gb of cloud storage and add an SD car if needed for watching movies etc.  If you need 320GB of internal storage than you probably shouldn't buy a Chromebook.
It says it got 4 Batterys but only a runtime of 3.5 hours. Are the 3.5 hours for each Battery or all together?
S*** the battery on my brand new Lenovo laptop is only 2.5 to 3 hours.... 4 would be great.
Why such a big hard drive, I thought +Chromebook s were supposed to be cloud computers.

BTW, of course the specs are terrible.  The computer is $200!  It's a trade off.
So whats the deal if i wanted to print a document. Would the chromebook have the drivers and ability to use the printer via usb?
^ It's based off of the Linux kernel and therefore has access to all linux drivers, so theoretically yes.
when would Nexus 4 be available at HongKong?
+Blair Collins +Alex Seibz ahh okay, not as bad as i thought it was going to be lol. Im sure cloud based computing is the future, just need to get my head around it!
Come on #google, the link shows a Samsung while the title is Acer! Can anyone please pay a little more attention?
Oh you're 12. Ok sorry for the trolling comment. Didn't take maturity into the picture. Carry on.
+Alex Woo check your local IT exhibitions and shows.. it will be introduced soon in ASIA, i am pretty sure.
+Nanda Linn Aung LG HK have confirmed that N4 will be available at HK, but they did not say the exact release date
I just flag that kind of Myspace post as spam.
+Ellie Thurlow at the same time you need to realise that those posts about 'you have to do something or something not very nice will happen', is the same as chain letters. Imo theyre not welcome and however well intentioned they come across quite manipulative.

I also suggest if you wish to do things like that, don't post it in a specific section talking about the Google chromebook! Post it from your profile xx
I ordered my Acer Chromebook last night (13 Nov) from Google Play at a total cost of $213.97. Hopefully, I will have it this weekend. I’ve had a Samsung Chromebook 550 for a few months and it’s my primary home computer. It replaced my Apple notebook, so its only real job now is for iTunes and iPhoto for my iPhone (when that contract is up, goodby Apple). I have Chrome on the Apple and on my Windows 7 Home Premium desktop (it’s primary job is to be my PVR) and I love the way Chrome can sync all the Google services together between each computer.

My only real concern is how well can you navigate around a 320GB hard drive? When I’m working with one of my external hard drives, I would rather use the Windows Explorer on my desktop than that very basic file manager that comes with ChromeOS.

Has anyone written a review about how well this Acer Chromebook works in the real world?
+Alex Woo  i think the second batch will be arriving to HK soon, most probably around Christmas time. the official released date is yet to be determined.
don't understand why the 320 GB Hard Drive 
Surely I don't know what I am doing. I asked for 1 for Christmas.
is this compatible with Office 2012 files?
I just want to know when the Nexus 4 will be supplied again?I'm looking forward to your response.Thx
4 Hours of battery life sounds horrible to those who own the other Chromebook's and fantastic to people who use other types of laptops.
It looks just like my old computer that broke. Except better! Nice.
+Steve Watkins Unfortunately +Alex Seibz is mistaken about linux drivers working.  I'm sure someone could hack something together but out of the box printing is limited to Google Cloud Print which requires you to have another computer with a printer driver installed or you can buy some printers now that are directly cloud compatible.  Definitely check out +Blair Collins 's link for the details.
is it really 4hours for the battery? i want to see it in action! and, anybody has thought about a Chrome tablet? something apart from Android of course
Can anyone explain to me why this one is cheaper than the Samsung one?
Nice, but for $65 more at Best Buy in the US you can get the roughly same laptop as the Acer AO756, but with a slightly faster CPU. Just sayin'. 
Looks great! I am definitely getting a ChromeBook when I start college! +Google Drive rules! 
Why does it show windows 7 on it?
Sorry but I will not buy it. I'm interested and I could easily afford it, but I don't agree to pay 50% more just because we are in europe (150£ = 315$).
im typing on the samsung chromebook right now. i got the last one from best buy last week cause the play store doesnt even have it yet! but let me tell u guys i love this thing! i mean for 249 u really cant go wrong. i love the simplicity of it my wife likes how itlooks so nice my 9 year old daughter loves how its so quick and light weight that she walks all over the house with it. and my 3 year old just dances around it as she watches youtube. its def a family friendly sharing device. i love the cloud storage thats an extra plus and i can pop in 32 gig sd cards whenever i want. good stuff google!
Was about to buy but found that it doesn't support avi video files. All my old video recordings are in avi format.
Says interested to see how this works 
I've got that acer aspire 1571, thats Alhamdullilah quite nice
The battery time looks abysmal. This looks like super cheap hardware with everything cut back too much. Cheap price doesn't help much if the product isn't sufficient for normal use.
As the proud owner of an older Acer Aspire One that I'm running Chromium OS on this excites me.  My Aspire is an excellent little unit and this looks like it's built on that framework.
Why is the battery life so poor on this device? Is it due to the use of the Intel chip? 
Sam time it's hard to say yes 4wat u want, what's wrong with me?
Oh, another new toy. I keep saying I will but them all but this one will really 'try' my restraint. Only £199 for a laptop...
Is this one more powerful than Samsung version?
what about the Samsung one for $249
When will open a google play store in Italy too?
some one sponsor me cos i need one of that kind
Nav H.
200 dollar browser lol.
Its amazing how the longer a post is in "What's Hot" the more derp the comments get.
When will I be able to buy 1 in Canada?
There's little point in selling them in Canada until we get cellular plans that allow the always on internet these depend on at a reasonable price.
acer sucks, and the battery-life, too!
I am planning on getting a crom book soon way better then microsoft windows any day....

when there is something like visual studio for chrome os, i will buy one ;)
You guys are lucky to have such low prices on electronics, 200 is a good deal.
+Google Play You could at least have wiped the Samsung Label from the Device shown on the Product Page ;-)
3,5 hours battery life ist too low...50 Dollars more and 8 hours of batterylife would of been better, I think
With a 1ghz processor - no thanks. The Samsung one is dar superior for only a small price increase
Great exchange rate! 
should sell its products for indonesia
Please...Please...Please....i want to buy the New Chromebooks in GERMANY !!!!!
I have no more budget for gadgets this year, except for $299 reserved for a Nexus 4.

Does anyone know if I could install Android on a Packard Bell Intel based DotS Netbook?
When google is going to launch their products in India, the fastest growing market
Still prefer the new Samsung one. Smaller, no fan, seems faster, longer battery life. And not much more. Wonder if the Acer one will sell well with that competition.
I have the samsung one and the fanless effect is great! no more noise... Chromebook is a delight to use... no more stupid question ... I am sure Acer is a good compromize as well!
Does the acer do not work fast and it battery life does not take longer
I will never buy another Acer product as long as I live! I have one of their lazptops and within 1 year the hard drive has been replaced two times among other things like the mother board! Come on get a Toshiba
I wonder if i should take a #Chromebook , it seems such nice but i don't really know if i rather wait for another model to come or take the samsung or the new acer now ... What should i do ? help ^^
How can you charge the same in pounds to dollars? That's just a rip off. I sort of understand it has to be slightly more in UK. But come on google. 
In this world there is two currency exchange policies, the finacial and the commercial one. Financial is 1 pound = 1.5 usd, however the commercial is much more basic 1 usd = 1 pound... Amazing !!!
$199 is not equal to £199 let them check on the price 
It's true you do have to pay for storage after 2 years, but as far as I'm aware what ever you have stored is yours forever. 
sow cute.........................(:):
Can't see why anyone would buy this for £200. You can get a 10" netbook with Windows for that. It will still run Chrome, as well as all other software. Even a Nexus 7 will do a lot more for less money. It might have a market at somthing closer to $200, but how did Google screw up pricing so badly?,,,,
Does the screen detach from the keyboard? That's my favorite feature of any ASUS project I own.
What about availability of Nexus 4? When is it coming back? I tried to buy it on Tuesday, however, something was wrong with Google Play... :(
The amazing low price offsets the slow spindle hard drive quite nicely!
I don't want a Chrome book. I want a Nexus 4!!!
That's a very nice computer, for real, Marvin Williams,from London England,07528712121.
The launch icons make it looks like a Windows. Yet windows is getting rid of their traditional look, at least on default views. 
What happened to your realistic currency conversion bigG? You were doing so well with the nexus range, this is out of bounds on principle. 
I would buy, but googles customer service is just too awful. Can't rely on a machine that may fail and then not be able to get proper help. been waiting over 2 and a half months for a refund on a Nexus 7! (yes I've emailed and called)
Its probably really slow for the price
What's my bloody Nexus 4?!
When is it avaliable in Hong Kong?
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