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We're stuffed. Holiday meals were great but now it's time to get back to the gym with the +Skimble Fitness Workout Trainer app What's your favorite exercise app?
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A small booklet and pen. I hate people that fiddle with phones in the gym, whatever the reason
+Peter Doesburg What if they are just fiddling to find the next song to listen to? why so concerned? 
I hate people that are so concerned about what other people are doing on their phones just sayin.. Unless they are dicking with their phones while driving and posing a traffic hazard piss off and don't worry about it. 
+Casey Rhodes  You can't hate hate, it's a complete paradox, your logic processor will fry trying to comprehend that. 
Not a paradox. Just hypocritical.
Well if you want to think more philosophical about it, it can still be considered a paradox. 
Wow. It usually takes a few more comments before the discussion goes completely off topic. 
Jefit for the gym, endomondo for cycling/running. 
Endomondo - I never run, bike, ski, skate without it.
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