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The action movie dream team is back -- with a vengeance. US and Canada movie fans, rent #Expendables 2, out now in all of its glory: US&CA-
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Sorry, I've "expended" all of the time I was willing to allow on the first one. lol
This one has my name on it!
Oh my god what a horrible movie, though. Honestly.
too short. everyone was using thier own "cliche" on each other. 5 out of 10.
GO EXPENDABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Your rental prices are WAY up there.  So, no thanks.
I would rent it but unfortunately I’m in México and I CAN'T !

Anything with Van Damme is a PURCHASE not a rent!
Do people actually rent movies from Google Play? It looks pretty expensive.
Bah, I just put in queue wait till it comes in the mail in it's nifty red envelope and then just put it back in the mail box and away it goes! Netflix #FTW  
+Eduardo T. Quiñones How far do you live from a kiosk?

$4 vs $1.25 isn't close enough to justify renting from Play, $2 would be enough to totally replace it, $3 would have me renting on Google in case of inclement weather that didn't take down my network, $4 just doesn't cut it.

For older movies we have a video store that does five movies for five days at five dollars, still better than the $2 price on most of the films that are off new release status.

TV seasons are insane, unless you catch a sale, and have no option to subscribe for single viewing as a replacement for satellite of Hulu+.

I'm hoping for an expansion of the content available on Play, and an eventual subscription plan à la NetFlix, but for now I'm holding off on Movies & TV.

Still a net win for Google, they've almost completely replaced Amazon and have completely replaced iTunes for music, my app library could buy a new tablet if I had all that money back, though vendor lock-in still has me on Amazon for books until such a time as Google has some method of reading on the Kindle without resorting to cracking the DRM and reformatting it as a mobi file.
After the studio tried to sue all those people? I don't think so.
I have to agree, Google movie rental and purchase prices are way too high. Rental, it's far, far cheaper to actually drive to a Red Box. (I can swing by one while I'm already out and about anyway.) If it is something I feel worthy of purchase, then I'm going to buy it on physical media so I don't have to rely on the cloud and the whims of the owner of the cloud media.
Travel is another issue, at least for me as I tend to buy my digital content instead of rent it.

I can buy pretty much any content here in the states but, unlike Music where (even if I don't have cloud access) I get downloadable DRM-Free 320k MP3s that work no matter where I am, what happens to my Movies and TV purchases if I'm in Bhutan, Chile or New Zealand?
+Liam Phoenix You can't access them. When I was in Australia, I couldn't access any of the Google content sites. This is why for movies, I purchase physical media and rip them to take with me.
I liked this movie...when it was called "Team America: World Police" and actually was meant to be funny.
I'm just glad some manufacturers still put in an SD slot. I'd have to go back to a laptop if I weren't able to carry a wallet card with eight 64GB MicroSDXC cards in it. Maybe someday the cloud will work no matter where you are, but between regional lockout and bad data coverage even in the US I'm not ready to put any eggs in that basket. I even aim for app purchases with no license check whenever possible. Too many times I've been able to charge my Android from a solar panel but the app I wanted to use told me I hadn't purchased it because there was no network.
At least this time they pointed out it was US&Ca. They're learning.
Please make GMusic and GMovies international...
When are you bringing embeddable content to Twitter? (like iTunes) Referrals would be good too.
Come to the Netherlands and bring your devices (esp. Chromebooks with you)
The first one was full of jokes i didnt understand. No need to rent the sequel.
video on demand/streaming on the internet with region locked content is why most people leech. don't want to wait for the powers that be to decide their country is worthy of viewing it.

they'll catch up soon.....
better than the first one. Great Action Flick
This was a great star stuttered,staggered movie! And good.
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