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Today’s Surprise: Get free tracks from El-P and Carl Craig (US- and check out a documentary about the collaboration between Moog and Google. 

Synth manufacturer Moog has always been at the forefront of music technology. If you're a fan of progressive music, you’ve probably heard one of their instruments in action. In May 2012, the Google homepage doodle featured a playable Moog synth that became wildly popular -- over 300 million people played with it.

Inspired by the doodle's success, Moog held a contest at their annual Moogfest, where enthusiasts and benders used the Google doodle as the basis for a new sampler. The winning creation was unlike anything we’d ever seen or heard, and we invited the festival's headliners to create or rework songs using it. The resulting tracks and documentary chronicle the peculiar relationship between technology and music, and how each pushes the other in unpredictable, amazing directions. Visit for El-P's free contribution and for an additional track from legendary electronic producer Carl Craig. Come back tomorrow for another surprise!
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Google Play should have different accounts for different countries... never see any free tracks in the UK :/
+Google Play +Google why dont you guys work on releasing their synth apps for certain devices? You guys have collaborated with them much more than apple has, yet they get all the cool exclusive apps? If you guys want nexus devices being used even more creatively, your consumers need to know that they can get a device that supports those apps. Id tag #moog in this if i knew they had a g+!
Until Google gonna offer service around the globe Market Unlocker Pro is the only solution and relevant USA IP address.
+Phillip Maiden precisely. I emailed moog one time about it...their response was something about latency in the way the app processes music caused incompatibility with android...but that was when ics was out...i wonder if jellybean addressed this or if it will be addressed in KLP.

To be fair I think there are good music apps on Android just not great music MAKING apps.(ill take gmusic over itunes any day)
Thanks Google. Picked two tracks that I liked. But you already knew that.
Not available in Canada :(
+Dain Laguna I believe the latency has been improved but still has problems, this is what fruity loops said in sept 2012.. A lot of time was wasted trying to get low latency audio
   (at the time Android didn't allow it)
at the time Android didn't allow low latency audio? maybe now this is fixed?
In particular I think you could make a great theremin app using the accelerometer and camera.
Android 4.2 improves support for low-latency audio playback, starting from the improvements made in Android 4.1 release for audio output latency using OpenSL ES, Soundpool and tone generator APIs. These improvements depend on hardware support — devices that offer these low-latency audio features can advertise their support to apps through a hardware feature constant. New AudioManager APIs are provided to query the native audio sample rate and buffer size, for use on devices which claim this feature.
+Phillip Maiden awesome find! That means they have no excuse for nexus devices at least....i have my money in hand!
why Google Play isn't available in the whole world ? for example... i like to search on Google very even to buy Android devices but i can't use it in a normal way ! please fix it ! btw i'm from lebanon ! 
+Elias Hallit Every country has their own red tape that has to be gone through to get these store and contracts in place. Unfortunately some countries are harder then others to get into. I am pretty sure google would be willing to sell to anyone anywhere if it were legal for them to do so. 
Jason F
More documentaries please, not bothered about a free track when there's a good vid like this.
Wow! I still remember to this day, the day we got to play with a real Moog synthesizer in music class in the 6th grade. Coolest. Music class. Ever.
These types of videos are great. More please. 
wow still remember to this day . ok tank u baby 
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