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Today's global 25¢ Play of the Day app is Camera ZOOM FX (, for fun filters, zooming, timer, and image stabilization.

In the US for 25¢ each, we also have the novel The Giver (, the movie Sunshine Cleaning (, and Drake's album Take Care (

In the UK for 20p each: the book Rules of the Game (, and the movie Beginners (

In Canada for 25¢ each: the book Wheat Belly (, and the movie Limitless (

In Australia for 25¢: the novel Cocaine Blues (

In Japan for 25 yen: the movie Wives of the Yazuka (
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I already bought this at the reduced price of 49p, I feel cheated Google, cheated
Since the promo started it's the first time I buy an app, already bought most of this apps except zoom fx camera
How did I know this would be on sale after I paid $0.49. It's all good though, I love this app.
It should be all over the world, can anybody tell me why not ?!!
The Giver is a brilliant story for 8 to adult.
+Sultan Mohammed Ask your music producers, book creators in your country, unless they give permission Google cannot sell. Every country has its rules unfortunately. It is good to see everyone can buy Camera Zoom Fx, if every creator does that then everybody can buy it.
I love all these deals. I'm stocking up on some great apps and music
I just bought it and so far, I'm really impressed. This a great app!
I just installed it, I think pixlr o'matic is still he best photo app for android. Though I'm excited to hear that instagram will come to android too.
ughh please just add nightclub city as a game >.>> plzzzz
I've used it. Not that great. You can't use front camera. Lame.
Havent used it and i wont for a long time
Bought this today and it is really good. Flat out a steal for a quarter. My nexus s 4 g stock camera doesnt have zoom. This feature plus all the plug ins you can download for free make this app really good.
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