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Today’s Surprise: Get +Lady Antebellum's single, Blue Christmas, #free! US- Then, watch the band tell us about their "Favorite Things" in the video below.
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Honestly, folks - change your name to +GooglePlayUSA and then you'd irritate far less people.
Game of thrones! I just finished part one, next up part two if I can find a bookstore around here that has it in stock. All because I can't wait for season 3 on HBO :P
P.s. Android will only gain market share. Apple knows this and to try and stop it they are copying android. Bigger phones, smaller tablets. They even are well underway with fragmentation; Siri features. Luckily android has nothing to fear given apples drop in quality coughmapscough
lade antebellum??? How that hell is that a surprise, give us something worth while...friggin google come on!!!
Why do I feel crappy about google play store? Why do I feel Apple app store is way better?
+Warathanut Sukcharoenphong Insecure much?  Need constant external reassurance to validate your purchases/decisions?

Surely it can't be because the Apple app store has no malware because malware certainly has found its way into the venerable walled garden (some call it a prison) Apple app store (see ).
I agree with +James Cridland , almost all posts on +Google Play are US only and it's really annoying. If it was US only I'd just uncircle, but it's not, its the only official account for the Play store.
+Rui Jorge That's U.S. shares. We Americans are obsessed with things that we think make us look cool. I'm talking world market shares here.
I'd also venture to guess once the S4 is released those numbers will bounce back the other way until the iPhone 6.
These "surprises" pretty much suck. I don't know what's worse a sweater for Grandma or these so called Google surprises.
+Hunter Figueras I don't feel it that way. I feel all the deal things suck on Google app store. Apple is way better. How to navigate through the app stores, Apple app store is better. It has been a while that Google store has been being like this. No change a while. The same look. The same experience. Promoting the developer apps suck as well. There are a lot of improvement that can be done. What you think?
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