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Since we've yet to become neither models nor professional photographers, we use this awesome photo editing app, Pixlr Express, to make our pictures flawless:
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E o nexus 7 quando vai ser lançado no Brasil ????
Should be "either" and "or". Hate to be that guy, but... 
I'm using it. It's nice and light! "Brought to you by the makers of Pixlr-o-matic!"
I've fiddled with some of Pixlr in Chrome/PC, but glossed over the mobile version at last check in because all I saw was Pixlr-o-matic. Express, now that looks like something I could use.

Real question is, how useful it is for dealing with red and blue eye, and dogs.
I'm using this app and it is really awesome :-) 
Dig it, almost as nifty as my best beloved, Vignette.
Just downloaded the app and I have to say, I'm impressed. Does quite a lot.
I'm still looking for some usable app to mask multiple areas in photos and just pixelize or blur them...
it will be my first time using this app. thanks for the information.
Been using this for a few days - it's really rather good.
i'd say the best in photo editing, much better than it's little brother pixlr-o-matic
É o melhor editor que tenho conhecimento.
I just downloaded this a week ago. It's now my go-to photo editor.
i love this app, and i also like picsart,little photo, and pixlr o matic, it may be overkill but i have all of them
Not bad for a free app but not the best either. Afterfocus, picsaypro and others are better at certain effects but this still isn't bad for an all in one tool that keeps it light.
It's great but really. ....where's Snapseed guys? 
I like it too... Indeed must have app.
I jut downloaded it yesterday and it was an incredible photo tool, light, fast an simple
Thanks! Great app and its free!!!!
It's a great app, though it has some problems running on the Nexus 7. Sporadic force close and various errors..
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