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We would like to officially introduce our new Community Manager for Google Play: +Tina Patel. Starting today she'll be popping up in our comments, and will occasionally share Google Play tips and tricks. Here's the first one:

Would you like to be able to take margin notes in your Books on Google Play? Here's how:

Are you using margin notes? Tell us what you think.
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No I don't use margin notes or Books in general because I live in Europe! GET IT OVER HERE!
please... ebooks, movies and music in italy voice too :D
I'd like to be able to copy and paste passages. If I want to quote something from one of my ebooks on Google Play, I need to type it out by hand.
Aww man. I thought you meant a new community manger app. But this is just a person... shucks.
Glad to see such a change in the market/store.

What I would love is an option to buy apps,music and books as gift for other people. It could be just a button to buy a gift code for that special item which another person could use in the store to unlock it.
As blogger & photo enthusiast I would love to make some kind of contests and give some app gift codes away as little prizes. I think developer would also benefit from those kind of additional promotion.
+Leif Sikorski gift cards/promo codes are one HUGE thing missing from the Play Store right now. I absolutely love the change to My Apps recently, one of my biggest complaints was not being able to see the free apps you have installed.
Would like margin notes on mobile, unless I'm missing something.
+Daniel Petersen I think Europe luckily has a shot of getting the content at some point. Lat Am is truly down on the list. Unfortunately it seems that the political and legal aspects are hell. I wish there was someway we could help. We can't even get Google Chorme on our Android devices without downloading the apk separately.
Roger that. Welcome, +Tina Patel, I am looking forward to your posts! When can we rent movies more easily from Play via Google TV?
+BJ Cardon I totally agree. I could understand that there weren't gift cards and codes with the old market since Android Market wouldn't have been clear enough on gift cards, but with the rebrandt it should be the next step. Worldwide gift cards for the store in general as well as gift codes for little giveaways should be the next two steps. I guess they're the most wanted features on both sides - users as well as developers.
Agreed, totally. I also hope they will make it easier to temporarily set paid apps free for promotional periods. This is something developers do in the App Store frequently to get people playing and trying their games.
I have no way to backup margin notes in books, +Tina Patel. When will we get this feature?
I agree for the most part about the Android Police post. Google Play does need a SERIOUS redesign. Something classy, not childish. But one big aspect of that is colors. There are colors everywhere and it isn't needed. It just makes it look like a kindergartner who has broken into the crayon box. Please focus on subtlety and take away all the different color labels. I'm sure your marketing department thinks it helps users to associate colors with types of content, but it just makes it look bad. Does the App Store do that?

Also, I think that is a big reason people don't buy things. Not because Android users are cheaper than iOS users. But style does have a lot to do with it.
+Luis Flores I think that would be too complicated. They just need a sleek, clean, minimalistic UI without all the darkness and different colored lines and text.
+Dell E I'm very excited too. I'm not a sports fan, but this is like my superbowl.
Highlights, margin notes, etc is a great enhancement. How about putting all that stuff in the mobile app as well?
+Tina Patel +Google Play
When will we second class citizens of Googledom from India and the rest of the world outside US get to see the full +Google Play beyond just the apps store and get a taste of the real stuff like Music and Movies
Hi everyone - Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm excited to be a part of such a lively community.
+Antonio Rosso Great suggestion and thanks for sharing. It's definitely something that we want to bring to the mobile experience. You can vote up and suggest books related features at this link
Congrats on your new role, +Tina Patel! It'll be super awesome for me to be able to point people to you officially.
This is just for the Web version right? Because lack of notes on my phone/tablet was one thing that kept me from using Google Books for research purposes.
how about drag-and-drop file adding for Google Play Music in the web-interface?
+Bruce S I think a better option would be to allow more lock-screen integration of apps that use media volume. I think ICS does this, but I'm not sure.

Also, there are apps that allow the screen to stay on while plugged in - apps that enable desk-dock or car-mode do this. Also, Tasker can control that as well for various conditions.
+Dan Trachtenberg Never going to happen. iOS is nowhere near as good as Android for a lot of reasons, one of which is developer freedom. Apple would never allow you to use Google Music on it outside of the browser. Try buying a phone from a company that doesn't want to control what you can and can't do on it.
+Tina Patel I have a suggestion for you, why don't you release the paid apps in +Google Play for UAE ?!
Also, not only would a redesign of the Play Store make people purchase more, but trophies for games would too. People are obsessed with trophies on PS3 and Xbox. If they were on Android it would make a big difference.
Trophies, rankings, opponent matching, and synchronization of these across different devices are MUST-HAVE features !
Welcome +Tina Patel! I look forward to hearing lots about the direction Play is going to take in the near future.
I wanted to respond to +Andrew Banchich and his comments about the market design - though he can legitimately dislike the visual style, he doesn't make much for a legitimate argument against it. Let me make clear my stance - Google is not Apple Inc, nor are they affiliated with Apple or it's well known "App Store". Clearly that's an obvious fact, but I think you're forgetting to associate that when making comparisons.
The visual design is relatively seamless with Google's company colors, the Play Logo and branding, and it's app UI's. It's crafted, not compiled or just convenient. Further, if +Luis Flores suggesting Theme options is "Too Complicated", what could be more simple than the current arrangement of category differentiation using the primary colors?

Your suggestions seem to scream "me, me, me". Your associations with the color palette, your impressions of the splashed design, and your comparative stance with the Apple App store.

As many have noted in this post commentary, Google needs to start working on getting Play pushed out to an entire planet of users while simultaneously fixing and fine-tuning new and existing features - for over 500 variations of hardware running Android.

They have their hands full with issues that actually affect and include everyone. They' are not going to overhaul Play anytime soon just for you.

I mean, cripes, in the time it took to post this comment right now you could've downloaded Chrome or Firefox if you haven't already, grabbed Stylish or some equivalent extension, and written the custom style you need anyways.

As for +Tina Patel and her incredibly long to-do list, if I could add anything to it, it would be to remove devices permanently from the "My Devices" tab in "My Market". It's a nit-pick, but my drop-down list is getting lengthy. No rush. :)
As a little expansion on my previous post now that I had a chance to go see how Android Police wanted to roll out Play....

I must have been down the comment roll about 40+ users, and while writing my response I was the first person in an article about re-design concerning a page that's multi-platform and the first instance of the word "resolution" is when I utter it in my comment.

Cllearly, that article was written by a guy that did his homework. /sarcasm
Nobody has ever deserved a LMGTFY link than that guy does for that one.
So, yeah, my conclusion is the same. Less "me me me" and more "what's preventing something better here??" <sigh>
Forget the redesign, what we need are additional payment options and content in markets like Europe!
+Daniel Rose After US, the largest markets in terms of android registrations is China and India in that order and also the fastest growing. Soon China will overtake US in terms of installed base as well.
+Mike Cosmi Game Center is maybe the ugliest app Apple ever created. And they create a lot of "realistically" looking apps that are ugly as hell in the last time.
+Mike Cosmi Stop trolling, if you think something is poorly designed you can at least tell us how it is poorly designed. Otherwise your comment is useless.
Hi +Tina Patel how can i get help on how to sync my itunes playlists into google music? all the songs get synced, but no playlists. Nothing found in the internet or in help!
hello! cuando podemos disfrutar en colombia películas y libros???
When i can enjoy movies and books in colombia?
Has anyone seen the the books...don't expect the movie to live up...but am expecting good effects
Hard to use margin notes when Books are not available in my country.
It would be cool if +Tina Patel started by mentioning to +Google Play that books (and movies and music) is available only in US! Just compare number of devices in US and the rest of the world. Numbers speak for themselves.
+Antonio Prieto Hey there! Would you mind letting me know if your iTunes is located on an external hard drive? If so, I'm aware of an issue where playlists get removed from Google Play when the hard drive is unmounted.

If this doesn't apply to you, I'd like to gather some more information. Could you message me the names of some example playlists, along with your log files?

Your log files can be found at the following location:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<account name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\MusicManager\MusicManager.log
C:\Documents and Settings\<account name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\MusicManager\ServerDatabase.db

Vista/Win7: C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\Google\MusicManager\MusicManager.log
C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\Google\MusicManager\ServerDatabase.db

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/MusicManager/AndroidMusicHelper.log
~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/MusicManager/ServerDatabase.db

Linux: ~/.config/google-musicmanager(log and serverdb)
+John Blossom Thank you for the welcome and great question. What would help make your experience on Google Play via Google TV better? If you can give me specific features I can relay this information back to the team.
+Tina Patel Thanks for your interest. Immediately the priority should be to make video/movie rentals from Google Play via the "TV and Movies" listing as easy as possible. Right now the only options are Amazon, which requires a trip to their Web site (sub-optimal experience) or Netflix (somewhat better experience, but more hit-and-miss on finding them in the listings). One click, into the Play Store for easy arrow-control-OK (not mousepad-click) order execution, then queue up the movie for viewing.

To make this happen properly, upgrading the Play Store experience on +Google TV to be optimal for this type of experience is critical. Right now it's just a place to download apps specific to Google TV. It has to look a lot more like it would on any other Android device - but with navigation optimised for Google TV controls and optimised for the types of content and apps most compatible with Google TV.

Ideally, you would also have an option similar to that found in the Google Play Music store to share your movie rental with your Circles on Google+. Perhaps instead of embedding a music clip you could embed the trailer clip in the Google+ post. That's a down-the-roader, probably.

I have lots more ideas, of course, but I'd prefer to get a gig with you folks some day, giving you idea love for free has its limits :-)
Would be nice, but I wonder given how the cable operators see Google TV as a competitor.
IN google may factori haumach day /moth/
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