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Hey Canadian movie-lovers, you know those films you just have to have?  We like building up our collection too, so we’re bringing you classics, from Pulp Fiction to Good Will Hunting (CA- to this year’s top films like Drive and and Lockout (CA- from just $3.99.
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Come to Switzerland, please!
I'd really like to get the full Google Play features coming to the rest of Europe soon. What's taking so long?
With Netflix and HBO having launchd web-only subscription options here in Sweden it'll be an uphill climb for Google once it arrives. 2014? 2015?
Hey +Google Play, +Google+ has these cool things called "Circles". 
Now I know you have thousands of people you will have to go through but it would be pretty cool to put us in the circles to the countries we are in and then broadcast these deals to the people in those specific countries. So all these Canadian deals would go strictly to Canada and all the US deals would go to a circle for us US folks. 
A cool thing about that... No inevitable reply from people posting about how they don't have access to Google Play yet. Also, people from different countries won't click on it and get a "requested URL not found" and then do a double take and see that it's actually a Canadian deal going on. 
Just saying...
They have 1.2 million followers, I don't think those people are going to get put into circles any time soon.
already have all the movies in the picture in digital form, well, except One for the Money. :D
It's generally not Google's fault its offerings aren't available in your country. That's a problem of you local copyright licensing regimes, which the EU is really bad at. 
+John Hofmann and you're responding to people responding to marketing. Who's more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him? 
OMG, a Google Play DEAL available exclusively to Canada. I can't believe it. lol.
G+ is a place to communicate +John Hofmann... Not everything is about marketing and people who believe that that is what "engagement" is really have no clue about social media marketing. Just saying...
Canada? How about some love for the USA? We never get anything cool. 
Funny how some of these movies are the same price to rent as to purchase.
+John Hofmann Yeah, that's logical. Movie Studios spend millions of dollars making movies just so you can download them for nothing. If everyone did this then there would be no new movies, all actors would be out of work. Oh yeah, and the MPAA is happy to let you do that? I don't think so.
+Richard Blackman I highly doubt that this would be possible. For everyone to download for free. That no one could be convinced to spend money on movies. Movie industry is so strong, movies are so in demand, that event without any copyright laws they would not go bancrupt. They would just use alternative ways to generate profit. They would shoot less expensive stuff. Certainly-movies would become more popular, guess how that would influence gains.
I will start ordering these when Google starts selling Play cards in Canada.
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