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The #Holidays are coming to Google Play! Start the season with this incredible selection of book deals: US-
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I wish there were a way to remove everything from one's stream that announces deals, sales, gifts, promotions.
I don't.. then I'd miss epic Play sales.
Erie T
Uh Circling Google Play account... what kind of posts do you expect other than things about Google Play store????
Well, the stuff I get is usually free. I've never, ever, not even once in my life, clicked on a banner ad (most of them I don't see thanks to ad blockers). If I buy anything online, I get information from neutral sources.
This strategy has served me well in the past.
Erie T
Ok.. so again why did you Circle Google Play when simply looking at their feed it talks about all the Deals they have because simply, Google Play is A STORE. If you don't like what they post, then don't follow them.
That's like me installing iTunes and checking the App Store for deals every day when I don't own a single Apple product, and then complaining about sales and deals they're having.
More deals for the USA. Feeling kinda left out here in the UK.

Small bargain section of books has barely changed in months, movies to buy are few and far between (and expensive) and there haven't been any offers on the music yet.

I appreciate the new options, it just seems a bit half-assed
They don't exclusively talk about paid apps do they?
This is the first time I even saw something from them. So if all they stream are deals I'll just uncircle them. Their book store, for example, is not accessible to me.
"Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet"

Sad , just bring it google play books in my region and i will
Buy a lot of books ;)
Why only in US? We also like deals in Europe^^
In the international stores, Apple gets the " +1 " it's available in north Africa!! 
Hey, can we add books that we bought elsewhere to our google books reader yet??
Whe wat Google play books in south Africa
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