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We saw Django Unchained last night, and loved the soundtrack ( We've been listening to John Legend's, "Who Did that to You" all day. Which songs do you love from the album? #musicmonday
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Good soundtrack, decent movie. Tarantino is trying to appeal to a niche audience AGAIN, just like Inglorious Bastards with same/similar storyline and over the top violent gore. Good acing though.
"Unchained" & "Who Did That to You" are my two favourites. "Lo Chiamavano" and "Too Old to Die Young" are both honouable mentions.
What kinda of music does DJ Ango even spin? I hope it's not more dubstep.
Yeah. I'd love to listen to that +Google Play only if you'd bring such content into the Romania store. I mean come on, not even the Play Books are avaliable. :(
Unchained and Who Did That to You are my faves. I listen to 100 Black Coffins when I want to get a quick laugh though.
"Django" of course. Sounds like an old fashioned "Western" hymn
Just finished watching the film its brilliant, top movie. 
I thought there was a 2pac song in there when (SPOILER ALERT) Django starts shooting up the mansion.  That was my favorite song of the movie. Anyone know what it is? +Google Play 
+Ricky Contreras It's a mashup of a James Brown song ("The Big Payback") and 2Pac's "Untouchable" with a few sound bytes from the movie in there. It's called "Unchained" on the soundtrack. It's toward the end of the list. 
Sorry! Music on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
Not available in the UK. 
C'mon +Google Play bring your content to Serbia. At least two thirds of population have android phones. Pls
Why can't we purchase the John Legend song alone?!?! I don't want the WHOLE album!
Needs more Samuel Jackson on the soundtrack. 
#Django was off-the-Chain!

Soundtrack was great too, just not $13.00 for it!

Come on +Google Play , stop being so dang greedy & stop forcing your loyal/paying customers to buy complete albums! I'm not spending $13 for the ONE song I really want & a few other good songs, such as the James Brown/Tupac mashup, Rick Ross song, etc... Don't turn into #Apple!

Plus, while we're at it, you (+Google Play ) should be working much harder to integrate your users'other comment platforms, such as #AmazonPrime, #iTunes, etc. Stop being a content #Nazi
Yeah play stop being so damn greedy. I would spend so much more if the prices were good. I am told by google that it is the movie industry driving prices but who knows. Yeah cool movie though, black guy gettin some pay back, gold.
Tellement pressée d'aller le voir au cinéma ! :D
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