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Exciting news today — we’re thrilled to welcome +Songza to Google. They’ve built a great service which uses contextual expert-curated playlists to give you the right music at the right time. We aren't planning any immediate changes to Songza, so it will continue to work like usual for existing users. Over the coming months, we’ll explore ways to bring what you love about Songza to Google Play Music. We'll also look for opportunities to bring their great work to the music experience on YouTube and other Google products. In the meantime, check out their service on #Android ( or iOS ( to find a playlist for any mood you’re in — whether you’re feeling a little mellow or a lot funky.
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Never been one for curated music, but this is great news for Google Play Music :D
Well what a surprise, not available in my country. You do realise not everybody lives in the States? 
Please make it work from non-US locations again. I always get an "unexpected problem" since the latest update. I am subscribed to All Access, so there's no reason to lock me out of this wonderful service.
As usual, "not available in your country", as if US is on earth and the rest of the countries some light centuries trip from the sun. 
+Nkansah Rexford +Stewart Souter  As usual, people piss an moan about a service starting in the country it was developed in before eventually being rolled out around the world. There are plenty of reasons software is rolled out this way and none of them have anything to do with not caring about your country or thinking US is the only country that matters.
YES. I was always thinking about this. What if you could tell Google to "play some slow music" or some "upbeat music"? And of course Instant Mixes matching the time of the day and activity would be so cool. I think it already does it to a small extent though, I seem to be getting way slower and "deeper" mixes when it's dark out.
+Google Play: "Dieser Artikel ist in ihrem Land nicht verfügbar." ?????

Bitte erst dann bewerben, wenn auch verfügbar. Danke.
When a company from your country makes a mobile OS and buys a song streaming service, then I will gladly complain about it not being available in my country.
+Joachim Jacobs Google has been using this account as mainly US for quite some time now. You might be better off following the german subpage. Plus they're kind of announcing their aquisition here, not mainly promoting the app.
+Jimbo Collins
1 - Google did not make Android, they purchased it
2 - Google should make it clear in their posts if something is region locked given that it is an international website and the account is not linked to any particular country
3 - Songza is 4 years old. Spotify was available in several countries by the time it was a year old
Great news. I used Songza to find new songs and then added them to manual playlists in Google. That way they auto downloaded and I could find all my favorites. Now they'll be one complete service.
"It's Tuesday Afternoon
Play music for

Brand New Music"

So now we need a "contextual expert-curated playlists to give you the right music at the right time." Strange, I always thought I know what the right music to play at the right time. Amazing, technology that will do the thinking for you. fascinating
+Stewart Souter maybe move to the states or sit there and wait. Either way no one cares to hear you whine.
+Stewart Souter Just an FYI in case you're unaware. Getting things like this cleared in other countries takes time. They have to start somewhere and Google and Songza are a US companies... If you knew all that then I'm really not sure why you made that comment.
Damn. Please don't screw Songza up Google.
Wow. I a big fan of songza, and for one it's a google feature available in Canada from the start. Nice! 
There is absolutely no way that this could curate a Playlist for me that I would want to listen to based on Google play not even containing 95% of the type of music I listen to this has no chance and who would want to listen to music when watching soccer? The joy of music is discovery not mainstream marketing and pushing the mainstream label fodder & which like idol/ voice etc ruins quality creativity and new musical development 
This is great news! Google music needs better playlists and I never used songza because it never integrated with I'm super excited 
This puts Google Music over the top. 
Kill songza.
Merge the tech into Google music
Bryan J
I love songza those who haven't tried it should give it a chance. 
Now that Google it's working with them, they block the service of songza to Latin America, bad bad move Google....
Love it. Hope you guys can make it available outside the US again. They left a backdoor open but closed it recently.
Kadee W
Whatever you do Google, don't mess with the curated lists!!!
I'd like to see songza merged into play myself.
Too bad its not available here in the Philippines. :(
This is good news. Any news about improving Google Play Music (and All Access) is good news! :)
You guys better not ruin Songza. I adore it.
PLEASE DON'T MESS WITH SONGZA! It's the best service of its kind out there!
Please don't get rid of the free streaming function.
+Google Play  Dear fellows! I'm having problems with Google Play (Most of times Google Play says 'No Connection' while rest of web apps working perfectly. I tested it on different phones and using different WiFi networks). Anyone can tell me that how to register my complaint or send it to Google?
And E
+Stephen Cornwell The point is that these Google+ posts go to EVERYBODY. If it's not available for international customers, don't post it. Or mention in the post that it's for US-only customers. Easy huh? :)
@allhaters: it's not google's fault that songza is us only. they bought the service as it was.
some are saying : kill it and merge it in google music. from a ux point of view, I would say au contraire, merge google music in songza. songza is an experience, google music a feature. 
@google: please make it available where gmusic is available & add "download this playlist" or "buy this playlist" minus songs we already bought/have in gmusic. +Google Play 
songza is/was insanely addictive!! there is a playlist for every life situation !! and it's crazy accurate!!
When receiving the unexpected error because you're outside US, get VPN through a US server with Tunnelbear. Works like a charm.
Excellent! I've always enjoyed Songza. Maybe now that Google owns it we can get proper chromecast support for it on laptops. 
i started loving deezer because i didnt want to use i realize that i prefer spotify over deezer..then i want to try songza but i live in mexico and is not available in my country, that's bad. I highly recommend to always ALLOW mexicans to try your services and apps, we are the number 1 country of users  in twitter, facebook, spotify, etc.
Can't find it on play market (4.2, Ukraine)
+Chris Riccio Good point - Spotify was the opposite, starting out in Europe 2008/2009 and only finally launching in the US in 2011.  
Can't find it on Play in Australia. But used the website version the other day, looks ace. Will hopefully be integrated into Google Play Music soon, without too much tinkering. 
I'm excited to see what this does for Google Play Music.
Pl forward the download link on
There's no point me looking for it in Play Store - as because I'm currently in a developing nation you won't even allow me to look at your merchandise .. pity, I was looking for a gift to send to the UK... I'll buy something from someone with fewer prejudices.
Great acquisition, whatever they are doing is what I liked about it.
Hey guys, I love +Songza I want to be able to share songs I am listening to my google plus account via the android app.  Can you please return this feature to the mobile app, I want to tweet and +1 songs I am listening to my friends and co-workers.
+Markus Birth Install Hola unblocker, and then, if you use android, set songza to USA in Hola's settings, (on PC you don't have to) and away you go! It unfortunately doesn't work on ios, only android and as a google chrome plugin on the pc. Hope I helped! Edit: also it is free!
Sean G
I'm happy to see this! !!!
I was addicted to this app for about 3 years .... but now he's not playing music and showing an error .. in my android and ipad ....
Even in my friends phones ... I don't know what's happened .... do they blocked it from iraq ???
Thank goodness for combining these! (Eventually) I've always hated switching back and forth between these apps. I love them both! 
Google play music all access has given me the best mix of all the pay sites. This should make it best in class. 
Cool. Remind me again when this service is actually available for my country. 
Love Songza. Gonna have to switch to Google music sooner than later it seems. 
Target heart BPMs for an intense workout would be amazing if applied to my whole library and $9.99/m Play Music. Use accelerometer to detect pace, pick it up a bit, see if pace increases. I wouldn't even mind a hard throttling of a song by a couple BPMs to better match my pace.  Set a predefined run duration or distance and have it pump a jacked-up BPM for the last few minutes to get the most out of my workout.

Just thinking about the possibilities makes me want to learn to program apps to save me having to wait for Google to acquire companies. hahaha.
Hola me gusta pero una pregunta ¿atre virus?
I love this app I hope google doesn't screw it up
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Yeah,I'm working with an old HTC hd7 just wanted see if I was getting out.
Fast fwd to 2016, there are ads in the playlists. So, Songza has been ruined. Songza was the only streaming service I used and solely because there were no ads. Now there are ads unless I want to pay $9.99 to Google. I'm sorry the Songza founders didn't make the millions they hoped to make, but now we all suffer. 
I used to tell my friends how cool Songza was. Well, that's not going to happen anymore. Their move to Google music is very disappointing.
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