Regardless of whether you're looking for a new read, now's the time to stock up! Choose from over 100 bestselling books, now up to 75% off. Grab the Hunger Games and Fifty Shades trilogies, Inferno, Allegiant, and many more, starting from $2.00: US- Which books will you get? 
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Good, I need more books to stock my library.
Books really do make me myself, without them I won't function. I may not read them due to pressure of work, but knowing that my library is equiped sets me a liberal man. 
Whats the point if the service is only available in select countries... we can't use Books, Music, Movies & Store :(
Wow, entire series of Games of Thrones for $10?!
None for us Canadians? That's just a huge disappointment =(.
"Which books will you get?" -- None, because "Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet." I live in EU, but apparently not the right part of EU.
And I purchased The Shining not to long got a deal but this is even better oh well enjoying Stephen King nonetheless 
The Hunger Games Trilogy -
Google play: 31.14€
Amazon: 14.99€
But am I the only one thinking why is this picture so low res?
no I agree with you Jacob
I like reading the articles in my Playboys. Just joking around with you guys. I read a great book titled, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Very good book.
+Anthony KR It is a good deal indeed.   Not sure when I get to read them but they are in my library.
Thanks for sharing this nice collection of novels with us, we will check tbe online book store for any we may not have. 
Eli M
Awesome. May buy some books when I get home. 
Lars S.
Hunger Games only $42 in germany. For Kindle ~$20... Great offer Google.
As much as I hate Overdrive's DRM (I like my choice of e-reader, thanks) I can read these for free through my library.
Apparently ALLEGENT is way dark and depressing and sad.:-( :-( :-( the first two books in that series: AMAZING
Give me a gallon of Ice cream and the first four. Thank you. 
Doesn't apply to asia too. GoT set cost 70 bucks instead of 10.
Kalpeshbarot like googal +and googal play too
It's December 12 and I JUST REicved THIS hacker reads my emails First
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