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Looking to discover new apps, books, magazines, movies, music and TV shows? So are we, which is why we’re kicking off a new feature called #playpicks. Each week, we’ll share entertainment that we love, like the movies we watch over again, books we rush home to read or albums we’re listening to on repeat. We also want to know what entertainment you can’t get enough of, just let us know in the comments. We’ll try out what you share and feature some of your favorites in the next #playpicks post.

We hope you enjoy the app, album, book and movie we chose this week!

With over 20,000 comics, Comixology has the largest digital collection on #Android. You'll love these comics.

Peach Kings - Handsome Moves:
This American duo blend blues, folks and synth in their latest EP. Once we heard “Do for Me," the album became a permanent fixture in our fall playlists.

Hilary Mantel - Wolf Hall:
We had to see what all the awards were about, so we dared ourselves to delve into the two-time Man Booker Award winner’s first installment of the trilogy. So far, so good.

A Separation:
A gripping story of an Iranian family pitted against each other in the face of a murder accusation, impending divorce and an ailing grandfather. Our hearts were hooked from start to finish.
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That is great!

And we get it, everybody wants everything everywhere. There, I said it.
Comixology in the banner. You win.
I love the Comixology app and wish the nook tablet supported it but I think they don't want the competition :)
Great! Now fix the recommendations and the "not interested" button. I press that button and the suggestion still comes back! No, I'm still not interested. Not the first time, not the second time, not the twentieth time! Not interested means I'm not interested. 
+Thomas Ally Rooted Nook Tablet can side load Comixology no problem. I can even send you the apk.
Yeah Google Play you should add a devices section for your mobile Google Play app... more people would buy Nexus devices... but at the same time I understand why you won't... It's more difficult trying to refund $499.99 but when a purchase like that is made... The person should be notified by email, text or phone. But it'll be easier to buy... Come on Google you know that's the next step to have Nexus success... They're going to be ordering as easily as ordering apps. Build up the eco system.
Most of Google Play Contents are of No use if people are not from America !. Why is your Legal Department is so slow? On Books and Movies...
The best film in the world is a separation by Asghar Farhadi from Iran.
+Omar Feliciano you can find your purchased and installed apps in "My Apps" by touching the menu icon in the upper right of the Google Play Store app.
Pleeeeaaase, make the picks available international or start local editions of the picks!
awesome, but 'unavailable in my country' :(
Fahrenheit 911 is a great book. Loved it ever since reading it in high school.
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