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Unwrap a new +Android phone or tablet this #holiday? Get the Best Apps of 2012 to make it even more awesome. What was your favorite app this year?
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A bit annoying, I'm unable to open the link as it's blocked by the ad away filter, as it goes though clickserve.. 
I would have unwrapped a new Android device this Christmas, however you appear to only have made about 6 Nexus 4 devices, so no one can get one x_x
Million Moments, Camera ICS+ and Launcher7 Donate .. wish I have Launcher8 hmn
Wonder how they selected these apps. Oh well, guess it's a question of taste and interest. Quite frankly (and I've read that free "bible") I've never understodd why people love EverNote so much. Sure it's good, but not THAT good. And the rest made no sense to me at all, except TED. No #dropbox , No Business Calendar, MX Player, Swiftkey, Smart tools, Spotify, Splashtop remote desktop, Doubletwist alarm clock, mightytext, etc. Oh, well... taste is a tricky thing...
Mozilla Firefox was the first useful app I installed.  I use the bookmark synchronization feature.
For social: Google Currents and Facebook Messenger, for fun, NFS Most Wanted, and for music, PowerAMP and Gibson Guitar stuff.
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