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Music has arrived on Google Play in Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. Discover great new music through All Access (, our new subscription service, shop for tracks in the all new Music section of the Play store (, plus listen to up to 20,000 songs from your existing music collection stored on Google Play. Grab your headphones and start playing. #GooglePlayMusic  
Browse the Music Store:
Try unlimited music from Google free:
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TZig Adam
When's North Korea gonna get some Google?
Why no germany? Give at least an explanation.This year? Next year? Will we get it at all? 
Guessing it's not Google's fault you live in a country that has allowed Apple to sign exclusive licensing deals with music companies to intentionally prevent competition...

Anti-competitive practices like this are banned by varying degrees around the world, and Google has to challenge each one.

Go cry to your government or Apple, as they are ultimately more guilty than Google.
You're giving The Netherlands some great love lately. Love you back!
+Mark Gillespie You might be right, but google has so much power and influence. Google could just give some information why it's not working. 
Great news, enjoying unlimited service already for 12 hours continuously :-) 
I want to subscribe. But AMEX is supported, only not for NL :| WTF
I love listening to comedians on All Access :D super funny it makes my day
No India and no ad supported free version
I want you to start soon in Japan.
But when is it coming to Canada! !!!??
Why you always ignore Middle East?
No play book store
No play music store

and also we pay what the dollars not local currency :(
Why not come to Malaysia together with Play Book
Thank you google! Now let's speak about newspapers and movies :)
Thanks Google, one reason less to move to another platform.
Let's hope that books and movies come quickly after, not in 2 years. #swooglegate
Glad I hacked All Access in Canada. But use RDio. Russia before Canada. How sweet.
Already subscribed to All Access. Found my favourite tunes which were deleted from Spotify. Now I'm waiting for movies and series to launch in Finland!
Come on Google, give it to South Africa
I shed a tear when I found out it was available in the Netherlands. 
I've listened to so many great new albums and artists i'd never heard of since getting All Access in the UK. 
+Google Play Panama needs Google Play Music, Movies, Books, Devices.. We really need them :(
Are you serious? Liechtenstein gets Google Music before Canada? You must really not like your neighbors... :'(
Ace E
I hope next stop would be here in the Philippines. (fingers crossed)
Thank you for Google Play Music in Hungary.
Google Play Devices would be great as the next expansion.
Oh, it's only 20,000 tracks?  Dang, I'm gonna run out of space...
We're still waiting for All Access and Google Magazines here over Brazil.
already subscribed, thanks
Liechtenstein? Seriously?
It's sad that Germany is way back behind...
ohho!! when the heck are we getting it #India needs more, we are waiting, +Google please atleast give us a date
I am still waiting.....
We still wait for it in Mexico. ):
Could you at least please give Canadians a timeline? I get all frantic every time I see one of these posts, and I'm let down again! I love android but the lack of proper music is killing me. #CanadalikesMusicToo
Don't upset the Canadians!  I don't know if US entertainment can survive a comedian embargo right now.  Think of the couch potatoes!
Thanks Google, Finland is grateful. Been listening to everything Google has to offer the whole day. This All Access trial is pretty damn great. Keep on the good work. Now we need Google Play devices and those Movies & TV-shows alongside Magazines 8) 
I demand Google Music on The Moon and Pluto! Why isn't it available on Mars yet? ;o) OK, fine - bring it to Denmark, then I'll be happy...
This makes no sense. Are these countries being picked out randomly by a monkey or something?
OK, still no "All Access Music" in Canada and Germany because of copyright problems, regulations etc. pp., might take another 100 years, same problem as YouTube over here,.. I know, I know, but what about Magazines? +Google Play Just to tease us a bit while everyone else is having the whole Google experience :-)

Go on with your good work, Germany loves you, although some of our "representatives" might decide something else for us ... but that's a different story.
What about Latin American countries? 😞❓
(Costa Rica) 
Gud u my playstore.....
+Thomas Christensen I was actually surprised it didn't come to the rest of Scandinavia today. Sorry bro :D I think it will arrive to Denmark and Sweden very soon tho'. Norway seems a case of its own so no idea what happens there. We need to get the Nexus device store ASAP too haha :) Nordic to the highest priority!! We own it. 
+Google Play  When will Play Music services be available in India? It's been such a long wait.
I was so sure it was coming to Denmark this summer - at least by August. Now it's October and still nothing. So disappointed. Sure, we got Google Books, but I don't read books, so I couldn't care less. Music, Movies and Devices, please!
Instantly switched from Spotify to Google Music VIP. Not that impressed by the radio selections when starting from a song but let's see how it goes the first month.
But I'm glad this is out now in Finland. Spotify doesn't allow the buying of songs so it's useless for deejays. Thus far technically I'm liking this. 
+edouard beauvais Hmmmm, Google PlayStore is the base for Google PlayMusic, soooooo, ... you see the problem with iOS? ;-)
+Thomas Christensen who cares for crappy iTunes, we might not have "all access music" everywhere in the world, but we can synch our own music with PlayMusic anyway - even with a cable, if no wlan present  ;o)
+Vinit Mehta Well I did not do it this way. I used a Canadian Amex card and forced the payment multiple times (like 10 times) then Amex called me thinking it was a fraud. I told them it was not and I wanted them to add Google to the "authorized" payee. They did. Right after the card was accepted (as a US card I guess). My VPN is Strong VPN. Once it's all setup You can use Google Music anywhere (including on LTE/3G) in Canada or the US. Pretty neat. I actually have every US Google products in Canada (movies, books, magazines)
+Hugo R. Martin this is gold! Thanks for the info. You made my day even if Google Music didn't with this post ;)
+Hugo R. Martin Not google's fault???? How come Apple managed to do it then?????? Damn am I tired of hearing that it's not their fault when I see that other companies have managed to get it done.
Thanks from Holland... What about Google Voice? 
Signed up for all access also the minute I saw Finland getting it. I love it, much better than Spotify 
+Peter G. W. Huehne I was joking - I don't want iTunes, can't even run it, since I use Ubuntu :o) regarding Play Music sync - that is only available in countries where Play Music is available - in all other countries the only option is to copy the music files to the device manually. I was lucky (using web proxy and other tricks) to activate Google Music on my account a year ago, so I can use the uploader and have up to 20.000 MP3s synced to the cloud and stream them to any device I log into - but I still can't buy any music and it's not possible to activate the uploader anymore - tried doing it on my son and wife's accounts, but can't do it anymore :o(
+Pier-Alexandre Lemay Maybe I should not have used the word "fault". But I believe some exclusives were signed by Apple with Big Music and/or Apple agreed to give more. The other issue is DRM Apple doesn't care about its users and limits music to 5 devices. Google wanted no DRMs. I can tell you I have way more than 5 devices (including computers) and All Access works on all. Anyway, Apple does not have a service like All Access, give it a try. It's genius.
+Vinit Mehta You don't need to contact your bank bro. Use VPN and set it to the U.S. After that just when adding a payment method for Play Music, use your own card but when it asks card's billing info, write some valid U.S postal zip- code instead of your real one. Hope I don't get in trouble for this tip. 

+Hugo R. Martin 
The life is, very hardly, end somtims very, sad. My name, is yoav. M, good nite from Israel.!? 
Finally thank you!!! but we still waiting for play book/movie/magazine.
Sincerely Switzerland.
I always use Google play and I love Google Play ads on my Lastfm ;-)
+Sakari Korpinen did you get a early subscriber "special price" like in the US? They could get the All Access for $7.99 a month instead of $9.99, when signing up before a certain date. And what is the cost in Finland? Just to get an idea of what it might cost in Denmark. Spotify is ridiculously expensive - twice the cost of Google Music All Access in the US...
Damn y is it that other counyries talk so much shit on ours attack us ect. But ys'all are sooooo hungry n thirsty to get americas percs
+Thomas Christensen It's 7.99 € if you continue using all access after the trial period. I'm not sure if taxes are applied to that price. If you compare it to the U.S dollars then it's a bit more expensive. But everything is more expensive here than there. Not a surprise at all. (otherwise All Access is 9.99€)
+Santeri Liukkonen That's DKR 60, I can live with that :o) can you share the All Access with the family (under the same roof) or will each family member have to pay (like Spotify)?
+Thomas Christensen I'm afraid that it may be tied to only one Google- account at a time. On a plus side it says that Google Play Music service can be accessed from up to 10 devices at a time. (If you can share a tablet for example, not sure about a computer) 

EDIT: I actually realized that it knows which device do you play music from currently and tells you that: "Music is paused, because you started listening on another device"
Czech Republic, Liechtenstein and Hungary, yet no Poland? That's funny, wonder whom to blame... 
+Santeri Liukkonen So theoretically I could make a new Google account, activate All Access on that and then set up that account on all devices I want to access it from - even my wife and son's phone ;o)
+Thomas Christensen I edited my upper comment. But I don't think your theory will work. Atleast if you don't want them to get access to your very personal Google- account :) 
What about Canada do you guys know we're like a few miles away from yall and share same border?? Why can't we have access to it you must hate us for real if Russia is getting access to it before us ??? 
Bring Google Music to Canada. Pretty please! Pretty please with an android on top? 
+Santeri Liukkonen OK, that rules out my "trick" then :o( then I just wonder - is it fair that my family of three would pay €24 a month to be able to listen to music individually? That's more than a CD a month and we don't really listen to music every day. I guess that rules out streaming subscriptions for us - I'll be waiting for Google Music only, to buy the music I want instead - currently there's only one online store left in DK, that sells MP3 downloads, all the others have gone back to selling CDs they send by mail...
+Thomas Christensen Don't worry bro! That all access is not necessary, and not at all that important. You can upload your whole music libraries to Google's servers for free. That is already something right? ;) 
+Santeri Liukkonen Exactly! I do that already - have my entire music collection uploaded, so it just makes more sense for me to buy the music and add it to the library, instead of paying for the All Access subscription. And buying the music in Google Play would be so much easier than going to a homepage to buy, download, then upload to the library. One downside is, that I have to upload every piece of music three times - one for each family member - it would be so much easier, if we could just share the same library...
I hate bugs! I just happened I have some bug spray!!..
+Oscar Jara Not unless a Google Play Music player comes on iOS. And I doubt it will come unless Google finds a way of letting users purchase and download music without using Apple IAP.
While I'm not complaining about the service, +Google Play you really need to fix those bugs. Songs stop in the middle or skip or error out over Wi-Fi and the lock screen widget is gone but trips out every so often when you turn the display on. 
How about Puerto Rico. Is a US territory and last time I was there couldnt even show the library to my sister
Thank you +Google Play for enlarging the margins on the mobile app. Much easier to move songs up and down the cue now. +10 
Incroyable, la Russie va profiter d'une telle offre avant le Canada... C'est le monde (capitaliste) à l'envers !
-100000000 because you still haven't got Google Play into Canada. If iTunes can, there cannot be any legal barriers for you guys. PLEASE stop treating Canada like an underdog.
To me, google you lose. Moved to Iphone today and I love it.
Marco G
Canada please!
Somehow Liechtenstein gets Google music and still no love to Canada. +MobileSyrup thought you had some inside scoop about Google music coming at the end of August? 
Date lauch movies Czech Republic? 
+ishan jain it can't be far away...... The reason why it takes time is because there is some official procedures involved.
If nothing came here in Brazil while Hugo Barra was leading Android platform, now I'm almost giving up about the complete Google Play Music appear here. (I just think that's dangerous, because here 5C unfortunately will sell a lot, #justanadvice)
Ryan D
Still no Canada? 
If only it could find its way to an iPhone app. 
che orrendo misto di lingua italiana e tedesca nella versione italiana per la Svizzera. Propone testi e canzoni in tedesco come prima scelta. Ho già il terrore per quando lanceranno anche gli eBook.
Fate qualcosa !!
Why Finland before all the other Nordic countries. We want it in Sweden too! :-)
Any chance of getting a non-german interface in Switzerland for the 1/3 of the country that does not speak german ? English would be nice for a start.
Thank you! =)

Edit: And there's So much Jazz it's easy to switch from Deezer. It's fine too but hey, "What gets involved in the google, stays in the google". ;-)
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay finally Czech republic
Wow! It's OK! But... 
ok next, you just need to come to Singapore, and then make things that are free able to be purchased without a credit card (hey i'm a student with no credit card).
وماذا عن مصر والدول العربيه جوجل 
finally, thank you! from Hungary :)
Will the Philippines be getting soon? (Thanks for finally giving us the books)
Thx!!! But, how can I sort albums by year?! Klaus Schultz having over 70 albums and I must click every album to get year! And I am very glad that you bring to us Music!!! Thx! Sorry for English.
Malaysia!! You have given us the google play books but I want the google play music.. but whatever.. keep up the good work
Spotify and others mastered it here in Germany so we go there. Sorry but Google is too late. 
Great!, hope to see it soon on Chile!, please 
I really like Play Music and all access! Since the launch a few days ago a bought a lot of Music hehe
When Indonesia?! And For South East Asia ?? Come on
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ishan gupta
9:00 am
star wars2
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