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Get twelve free tracks (US- featuring artists like Mayer Hawthorne, Homeboy Sandman, the Stepkids and more on the Stones Throw label. #Free   #MusicMonday  
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We get it. It's not available in your country. t(-_-t)
Got them all esp. the j dilla track which I bought already.
Restock the nexus 4 in uk!!! Why europe have to wait so long???? I you want to sell this phone or you want to play with your loyal customers? Are you fooling us?
"Shiny & New" (instrumental) by Mayer Hawthorne is so soothing. It's free, check it out!
+Patrik Hanson i will spend just few moments every day until they don't act like the big company they are. I know this post has nothing to do with the nexus 4...but...this is the problem. Google is just too much silent on this situation. I would write on a nexus4 post if they open it...but they don't. Nexus 4 is like a big political conspiration. Everybody knows but no one speak
their really don't know them yet...and this is why i sound whiny to you ;)
+Patrik Hanson he probably has tried the customer service route, as a lot of us did, but their customer service was......lacking to say the least. I understand people wanting to vent through Google's own social network, I just don't think it's gong to do anything except p** off Google+ users
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