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Can't wait to get your hands on Tom Clancy's Threat Vector (US- or Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's new title Two Graves (US- Starting today, you can pre-order books on Google Play ( where Play Books is available. Place your pre-order and once the book becomes available, we'll charge your card and send you an email notification letting you know that your new book is ready to read. 
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This is great! :-D

And we all know how much everybody wants +Google Play Music, Books and Movies everywhere. So please stop trolling about it. The same goes for the +Nexus 4. I just wish that +Google Play would disable comments. :-)
The irony of this with the whole Nexus 4!
Hey +Google Play can we get support for album singles? If I buy a pre-album release single and then want to get the album when it comes out, I end up having to buy the single twice. Can you implement some kind of "Complete Album" scenario?
... you don't think there's anything else that we might like to pre-order, Google? No? Nothing? Hrmm? 
+Anthony Gordano I know what you mean, but that's not going to happen. Artists release singles for promotion before releasing their album. They come with their own artwork etc. Sometimes those singles don't even make it on the album, but singles are sort of "separate" from their albums. That's why when you buy a single (i.e. Jay-Z, blue magic), the single's album is always called the single's name (i.e. Artist: Jay-Z Album: Blue Magic Single: Blue Magic)
+Anthony Gordano  Not familiar with iTunes. I'm strictly a Google Play Music kinda guy lol. But you can always wait until your favorite artists release their albums and purchase that instead of their singles. Google Play Music is new, so a lot of features their competitors may have, GPM doesn't.
$15.99 for a digital copy of a book? Seriously? That's robbery!
I can't wait to get my Nexus 7 32 GB so I can seriously start enjoying the best Google has to offer in the palm of my hand!
I agree with Steve. The purpose of pre-ordering is to make sure you get something before stock runs out. With a virtual product with infinite supply, there is no point.  If you disagree, please let me know.
unless they offer a pre-order incentive that would make sense... like 75% off or a free 25% google play gift card... other than that... I agree with Steve... 
No, for me pre-order is to make sure I buy the book as soon as I know it's out there and then I don't have to remember to buy it once it comes out.  It'll appear on my tablet just as soon as it's available.

I love shopping pre-orders and making sure  that the latest books from my favorite authors are nailed down and will show up as soon as they can be available.

I don't have to wait until they are officially available to make the order.  I love that.
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