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For our friends in Canada and Australia, we are offering 50% off annual subscriptions to your favourite Canadian ( and Australian magazines (AU- for a limited time. Which magazines will you add to your collection?
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Any status on Newspaper subscriptions?  I love the play magazines, but still need to get my newspapers over on kindle...  :(
+Niels Radstaat Which part of "Canada and Australia" did you not understand?

I'm pretty sure it's not Google's problem that you don't have these services, it's that publishers have exclusive lockins with Apple.
Good to see the international sales getting a run, thanks for the update!!
Thanks for the offer, unfortunately none of the Australian magazines on sale interest me!
I still haven't given up hope someday I will get to see G+ posts like this but with special promotions on Google Music albums and Google Voice minutes for Canadians..
No one here wants magazines...we want music. Get on it Google!!
I have music, apps, films and magazines. I want deals.

Also don't speak for me please unless it's a quote. Thanks.
Canada love, woot!
+Connor Shea Really....the US gets all the new features in regards to music and movies.  Have you ever clicked a link in Play and got the message, This product is not available in your country.  I think your high pitched statement is premature.
+Andrew Chaban I must disagree with you that no one here wants magazines because I just subscribed to Maclean's for $20 annually. I do agree that everyone here probably wants Music though..
+Scott Roose I was being sarcastic, Poe's Law I suppose. I should probably just add /s after sarcastic posts.
Chen Ma
Open the paid app access for China mainland please... No one likes to steal things from devs... 
How about some nexus 4's in aus..
Well, a question, when Magazine service for Spain?
Just great. More Google services that arnt available in New Zealand
+Hamish Robinson ...and they probably never will be. We don't have a population large enough to generate significant revenue.
China also need Google Play Pay right!!!!
Hmm  50% off yes.   But not off the magazines you might actually subscribe to...

"Australian Beading".  C'mon.
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