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Starting today, we’re revamping Currents to make it even easier to scan through all your favorite categories and specific editions with just the swipe of a finger. And, we’re using some of the technology behind Search to bring you breaking stories so you have the latest on that royal pregnancy, fiscal cliff negotiation or hottest holiday gift. Read more about the awesome updates here:
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The new Currents app is really worth a look. I'd abandoned it in favor of Flipboard, but I like the way Currents does things better for lengthy reads. And it's G+ share doesn't go through a third party URL mangler.
LOVE IT! But I am not seeing how to get to the breaking news. Can someone help me out with that?
Can I please feed Currents with my Google Reader account? I can do it with Flipboard and it's awesome.
Sooooo beautiful... But how can I change the categories of my subscriptions? Marketing land is not supposed to be in "news" while "breaking news" the should be in news (that is under curators) 
Much better than the old version. :-)
Nice. Currents may finally displace Pulse and Flipboard for me.
Looking at it on my tablet now. It looks really nice and seems to be well organized.
Currents is the only reader that hasn't crashed on me. Pulse and flipboard frequently crash for me
Great to see some improvements. It looks a lot like Google Now and Google+. 
Google apps: The only bloatware that's useful :)
+Timo Vorwald Yeah, Google Reader is exactly what i need, lightweight and perfect. I'm sure Currents is great on tablets but Reader is perfect on phones. 
How's the performance on Nexus 7? I had to disable Currents after 4.2 update.
What a difference to the old version... very G+ (esque), but with decent images and even better flow. So far I think I prefer the new Currents to Flipboard! Well done.
David H
You guys forgot to update how it looks/works when reading an article. Swipe up-down to read and left-right to navigate between articles. Keep it consistent!
The new currents is absolutely beautiful, if a little odd some places. Sharing should be easier for a start. +1 to the guy who stated it needs to be added to Google Reader, which I cannot do without.
The latest version is great, a welcomed update. My one issue would be the placement of the sharing button.
getting closer to a stream of news and info i want to see.
Having just used it for several hours, I'd add my support for reading content in vertical style as a continuation of the topic browsing method. Switching between stories whilst in a story should go horizontally then. I find this behaviour easier, as it maintains the same flow, plus it is easier to swipe to the next page.

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I wish you would have waited until the McAfee story had run its course so I didn't have to see that self-absorbed murderous asshole's face front and center. 
I love G Currents! do you guys have used it while you device is charging? Really cool 
Looks great. Just one issue. It doesn't play well with Daydream mode on my Galaxy Nexus. 
What's about a web version? Or a stable apply for Google Reader? ;)

Don't want to read me news only on a mobile device. 
Add a Chrome app too so everything can be synced no matter where you are. Love this new update BTW.
Tried Currents a while ago & didn't really take to it, but this update is nice - looks like someone's getting a promotion to the Homescreen...
Anybody knows how to re-add breaking stories when they have been deleted? Also, my breaking stories report on the UK and Canada. Any way to change this?
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