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Sci-fi legend +John Scalzi returns to the world of Old Man's War in a brand new e-book serial, The Human Division. Start with "The B-Team" available now and pre-order the next 12 episodes for just 99 cents each: US&CA- +1 this post if you can't wait to read them all.
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Can't wait to read them! Buuuuuut... I live in Denmark :-(

Come on Google, Europe is a way bigger market concerning the amount of internet users than the North American market - almost double the size!
Oh FFS! I've been crying after books (and movies) for Google Play in Finland for ages, and now this! Just keep twisting the knife in the wound please. Seems like I have to pour my credits to Amazon Kindle again. :/
I'm really excited to read this.. but +Google Play should probably update the image to say $0.99 each.
"13 episodes for $0.99" makes it sound like you get all thirteen for 99 cents. What you mean to say is "13 episodes for $0.99 each." Which, incidentally, isn't really anything to get excited about. 
OK, I really liked Old Man's War, but $13 seems greedy for a full eBook. Pass.
Writing "13 episodes for 0.99 $" is dishonest when the real price is 12.87 $ for the 13 episodes (or 0.99 $ PER Episode). I hate dishonesty like that. Shame on you Google!
I don't mind a micro-payment model when it makes sense -- I would gladly pay John Scalzi .99 per episode when he was writing them on the premise it's a living wage that keeps him working. But now that 12 episodes are out why aren't they available in a single volume comparable to a paperback book?  I can buy Old Man's War or Ghost Brigade for 7.99. Why the $5 premium?  This isn't about whether JS's work is worth the money, either. I've purchased probably 10 copies of OMW and given them away to frieds who also enjoy military sci-fi but haven't read this series.  
I've already spent more than $0.99 worth of my time trying to buy this thing. Unfortunately it seems Google/Tor don't like Australian money.
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