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We’re thrilled that music is now available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, so we’ve put together collections of your favorite artists in each country. Check them out: Best of British, Vive La France, Musik aus Deutschland, Musica Italiana and Musica Espanola
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Belgium is in the middle of France, the UK and Germany, how come we got missed?
Bring it also to switzerland please...
F Kango
What about Sweden? 
Any word +Google Play when "scan & match" will work in Germany? Because uploading 20.000 Files is not an option for me.....and for others too i heard. So why is this feature missing and will it come any day?
What about little old New Zealand???
what about a  preorder queue for Nexus 4?
btw.. music is cool! ;)
But I need a Nexus 4 to hear music and I was not able to buy one because of server errrors :(
When will music be available in Finland?
So if you live in Italy and would like to shop the best of British then you can not do that. Why do we have to localize everything so tightly? Like movies in Germany only available in German?? What if someone prefers original dubbing? 
+Gavin Groom , yes, its a bit expensive, they will solve it, for sure, more when discographics see that it works very well!
Do you have an ETA/time line/roadmap anything for other contries? At least with year in it?
Véronique Jannot, Guy Marchand and Johnny Halliday? #WTF There are much better artists to represent France, +Google Play and +Google France. Where are the French contemporary artists like M (Matthieu Chedid), Zaz, Vanessa Paradis, Yodelice, Zebda, Tryo, BB Brunes, Corneille, Dionysos, Christophe Willem, Katerine, Les Rita Mitsouko and much much more? Let me tell you your selection of french albums just sucks and do not represent the best of French music production.
When are you going to get those agreements sorted out in Australia
+Gavin Groom I have checked now around 10 albums all cheaper than the amazon except the OK computer you have mentioned. I guess you are just unlucky. 
Still not available in China mainland, it annoyed me.
So close... I'll wait patiently. Let me know when it's available in the Netherlands.
Liking the quality of the music so far. Just need a recommendations section that looks at what I've bought/been playing recently to suggest new stuff.

And to the people who insist on saying "What about Mexico" or some other's getting really old. Your constant complaining is not helping to get you the service faster. 
I hope the payment possibilities will be rethought. It may be quite normal in the US to have a credit card, but it is not here in Europe, at least in Germany. Amazon managed that, too. As long as I can't pay using my normal bank account, I will continue giving my money to Amazon...
What about debit cards? I am genuinely curious here :)
What about Australia ???! :'(
+Jussi Hynynen +Matti Partonen, the Google Play Music app in Play Store is since yesterday available in Finland. The Play Music store webstore is not yet, but hopefully soon. 
Indonesia need your love :D
Tried it for just one day, but this thing ROCKS!...  Google brings awesome solutions, as usual!
+Google Play Nice. I like it. But why do you make everybody's else's mouth water? Why not just giving it to all of us? When will Austria and the rest of the European Union follow?
What happened to Australia? It was on the list of getting Music, shafted again by Google?
Whats about Switzerland? We speak four of those languages. German, French, Italian, English, but we just got Google Play Apps. 

And mind, here is your largest bureau in Europe!
And what about Puerto Rico? And TV, Movies, Books and Magazines? When, when, when?
Expand it to more countries in EMEA! 
Start thinking also to the product shop and movies for Italy. We are not third world, you know.
great news! but hurry up with the products shop :)
It's very good enjoying it +Google Play, now all we need is magazine's and we are all complete. Good job +Google 
An alle Schweizer:
Nutzt die Feedback-Funktion und meldet euren Wunsch direkt an Google - hier liest's niemand mit Kompetenz
I want to buy a Nex.4 and I have to ask someone from Spain to buy it for me, but music or books it's difficult to ask someone to buy its for me.
*Cough* GrooveShark *Cough* Deezer *Cough* *Cough*
Those free services should work anywhere.
Brazil is always the last, I'm already conforming ><
Dear +Google Play, i read that +Google Play Magazines would launch in Germany along side with Google Play Music but aparently it didn't. Is there anything scheduled ?
Ben Lee
What about music match? When will this start working? Uploading tracks I can see in the Play store!
just pop in a US sim card you you can download it off google play :P
Amari J
Well do u have this one in spanish its called im not checking it out Never!
Amari J
Well do u have this one in spanish its called im not checking it out Never!
Come on! What about Singapore and Taiwan?
When will it come to Denmark ?
That's nice... for them. :-)

But when will +Google Play Music come to the moon? Seriously, why is everybody trolling in these posts? ¯\(°_o)/¯
American in The Dominican Republic begging for some Google Play love! I have had to buy and download moves from (blech!) iTunes!
What about Belgium ? And the rest of Europe ?
When is Scan & Match going to work?
How about Brazil? +Hugo Barra said a while ago that music, movies and books would come to Brazil in the following months. So far nothing.

Even iTunes has came to Brazil, I don't want to lag behind on my Android. 
I am very surprised as to how good this is. 
The error message still says "We're sorry. The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States." In any case what criteria do you use to decide which country doe one belong to? 
Full service desperately needed in Ireland :-( 
yeah would be nice to see spreading this to Ireland but market is probably not big enough for google to spend time getting through all the legal stuff with irma
Nick G
Canada please
How about selling devices on Play in the rest of the world?
Bo Peng
What about Canada? Your neighbour
Tiens, toi aussi tu as habite en Suisse +Marck Brumana ?? C'est comme moi alors ^^
The European Union needs a common digital market, so companies like Google only had to negotiate the rights to sell music, books and movies one place, instead of negotiating 27 identical contracts in 27 different countries. It is already like this in the physical market..
Google Play de bulunan katagoriler kısmının daha düzenli olması gerekiyor. İç içe girmiş uygulamalar var katagorileri bizim oyumuza bırakabilirsiniz. mesela hangi program hangi katagoriye uygun ise biz bunu o programın sayfasında katagori önerisi olarak bir bölümden geri dönüş yapabiliriz.
Google Nexus 4 in Italy pleaseeeeee
Will India ever crop up on Google's list? Seems Google wants Nokia to get a breather :-(
When it will be available in Poland?!?!?!?
Ok, but please speed up for scandinavia! I can see that you got a catalog with Scandinavian artists so what are you waiting for? And why is it not possible to order devices?
"We’re thrilled that music is now available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain" - oh, poor people of those countries! How they lived w/o music so far? Was it forbidden there? How about singing or laughing?
in EU the low for copyrigth and such is different from American's. So we have to wait for everything
France, Germany, Italy. Did you notice that you missed a little bit in the middle there? Yup, Switzerland. Please let us give you our money too!
I am so glad to be back in the "GooglePlay Community! Bill My Carrier option is restored! Thank You Google!
By the way - All, you can use VPN service to register to the Google Music. All you need is IP address from country where google music is available (preferably US or UK). After you register, you can access google music from anywhere, without VPN. Bad thing is that you cannot search and buy music, but you can sync your own music and access it from browser afterwards. Cheers!
Well you only need to install Proxymate in your Chrome browser to access all functions. However you can not purchase anything, and that my friends suck very much.
Agree... but it's better to have something than nothing :-)
The odd thing is that they released the apps like music but no support for the store..... Hmm. In my opinion thats a way of makeing your customers pissed off. In the longrun their slow way will bite back at the Company itself. 
Does this mean Google Voice is soon going to be released in Europe too?
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