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Hey Austria, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Portugal, get ready to rock! Google Play Music has arrived  on your #Android ( and on the web ( Store up to 20,000 songs on Google Play for free and stream to your devices for instant listening, anywhere.
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E quando vai lançar no Brasil??
Ben Smith
Initiate complaining.

Also good job! Less people are going to complain this time!
You just made my day you glorious bastards!
I did notice this this morning. Woo Hoo!!
Ben Smith
Lauro N
Wait.. What!!!! I can ditch MOG now?!?!?
Thanks google. Been waiting for this for a long time.
Nigel Cox
And still no love for Canada, Come on I want to get the hell off iTunes, bring us Music and TV
Our artists love selling actual cds here in Canada! Arghhhh 
Between Google Music and Spotify, I'm set. 
Awesome news!  Thanks Google :-)  Just in time to buy the new album from The Knife!
My poor Canadian heart can't take the taunting any more. 
Please tell me we can now get Australian artists in the US?!?
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The week my screen breaks, THIS HAPPENS D:

Thanks though :P
Thank you for this little *awesome* gift!
Canada can use a VPN to activate Google Music and enjoy. Just no purchasing :(
Imma pirate as much shit as I can until the industry give me OPTIONS. Until then GFY.
Canadians shouldn't be mad at Google, they should be mad at the CRTC for repeatedly blocking them on both Google Music and Google Voice for fear of market disruption...
thanks, and as we say in some parts..."about bloody time"
Finally, I've been waiting forever but one question, will Google Wallet ever accept bank cards cause I only have a bank card and I can't activate my account for it since I don't have a Visa, MasterCard or whatever the other two are cause I really want to use this..
+Google Play +Google 

Thanks a lot for adding Google Play Music to Ireland! Just in time for me! I am going to move back there soon and I would have missed that app and service there. Now please add Play Books and devices and I am all set. :-)
Even though it's not yet available in my country, I think it's great that it's spreading! 
Yeah, hurray ! And... at last, too...
+Nicholas Bish That is highly doubtful. I'm not sure the tehc behind it, but every online vendor, be it PayPal, Amazon, Google, or anything else of that ilk, they only accept major cards. You could have a hunt around for your local banks, see which do Visa Debit, etc
Yay, New Zealand is included in something. 
+Diego Neves  Hugo Barra disse que o Google está de olho no Brasil, o Brasil é um dos países que mais entra dispositivos Android! Quem sabe na Google I/O chega :)
+Vinícius Ghietti eu não acredito nesse 'poder' de +Hugo Barra não, ele disse que até o natal de 2012 o nexus 7 ia lançar no Brasil, depois disse  que não tem previsões....
Mas vamos esperar pra ver né...
My god! I thought it would never happen 
What the hell is the hold up getting it into Canada? What backwards organization is holding it up that we need to harass the hell out of? Still the brunt of jokes from my Apple friends because of this kind of crap.
Woohoo! Thank you from Dublin, Ireland ;-)

(Even though I had been using the service since it was in beta bar buying of music ha)
Damn you CRTC! Canada wants Google music.
Finally you can all shut up in Your respective languages
w00t! the Internet just became a little more open and universal! 
How the hell can Canada still be not available. Ridiculous
Great news! Next stop Canada and make it sooner than later! 
+Evan Ezewski Is there any factual basis for blaming the CRTC? Apple operates here. 7digital operates here. Rdio operates here. Clearly it's doable. Sure licencing requirements vary, and it takes some effort to operate in each country, but what do people claim is the particular issue with Canada?

I'm not mad at Google, but I heartily encourage them to get in gear and bring Music to Canada!
This Aussie music-lover is insanely happy. Go Google.
I think I just saw a flying pig pass my window. I honestly thought this would never reach New Zealand. Now, how about some books, Google?
Sweet, finally in NZ! Now to see what we have access to!
+Google Play I realize the Canadians can do a simple little hack to gain access to Play Music (without purchasing as the exception) but what the hell Google! We're Canada! We're right next to you guys! We are your (more attractive and cleaner) brothers! How is it that you haven't worked out deals with our record label companies, or at the very bloody least, offer the cloud storage option to us?! And no i'm not going to use Google Drive to store my music! Can't help feeling we're going to be the last country supported for this service, and that my friendly internet giant, is NOT COOL, not cool at all!!! ok i'm done ranting ;)
Finally Google music in Portugal. Let's see when devices like nexus comes to play store.
Australia and New Zealand get Google Music but NOT Canada???? I don't believe this... All the media rights holders in Canada can go f*** themselves right about now..!!!
ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe Austria will get Google Music before us in Canada. Come on Google !
Canada wants it needs it come on we are neighbours for crying out loud
Southeast Asia.. i hope google will provide soon
Sorry Google but that shipped has sailed. We don't need another iTunes, even if you're throwing in a free hard drive. Subscription streaming is where the action is.
I think its mad to have the music u wont at ur fingertips sick idear thanx google+
ahhh, that's the way!!
No iPhone app in the states either! 
Still nothing for Canada? It seems like Google never mentions Canada in anything.
+todd harrison
 Actually, I tried to use a vpn to access it but to go any further you need to enter in a credit card and address and such to prove you are American.
Brasil? Só depois que lançarem no Azerbaijão, Cazaquistão e Sibéria
Lai Leo
How about Hong Kong? 
All the Canadians should look at import tax for electronic goods as a possible explanation of why Google and Amazon shun them on the regs..
Strange pricing in Australia.. it gives you a mental double take.. I can see you've just taken the USD price and added a third (standard publisher/studio dealio when they don't 1.5x or 2x it).. but why.. it introduces a mental hurdle that shouldn't exist.. 

Album 12.99 -> Just make it $10
Song 2.29 -> Just make it $2
Don't forget Brasil, the best country!
At first I got excited then I realized it said AUSTRIA not Australia. Then I got sad. Then I read it said AUSTRALIA right after that. Finally.
+Evan Ezewski Do you know that for a fact? You may well be right, but I've read lots of rumours about that being the case without any actual hard evidence. If they truly are blocking it, then is there any hope that these services will ever come? I'm thinking they must eventually, as Netflix did, so what will change to make it happen?
Ok, So I purchased an album on web. Now how do i listen to this on my device?
Nice to see more expansion! I would love to give you my crazy plastic Canadian monopoly money!

I have to agree with +Jeff Lewis, who do we have to protest/annoy to get this done??? Please answer +Google Play!

I can't help if you don't tell me what the problem is.
+Google Play - just uploaded all my music, desktop client shows all files uploaded - but google music website shows 0 files - any ideas?

also is there a support forum or something for google music??
+Terry Cameron me too. I want to know what the hold up is. I know it has to be something with the CRTC or other regulations. I wanna know what it is so I can protest/annoy the right people, it has to be something on our end because I don't think Google would just exclude us after giving access to so many other countries if it wasn't within their power.
Southeast Asia please. Thank you. 
So very yay right now.
ITunes and Amazon are selling music so not sure why the CRTC would have any issue in Canada. Other streaming services seem to have launched with no issue as well. I would really love to know what the issue is as to why no love for Canada.
a) Hong Kong has the highest smartphone turnover rate in the world
b) Hong Kongers are willing to spend money on smartphone apps/games/music
c) 95% of Hong Kongers listen to music when they commute

thus, y u no come to hk google?! :(
I left Germany, came to Canada, Germany got Google Play Music a short time after, Canada doesn't -_- Why?! 
OK sucky hours for CRTC but I'm going to start there and find out why Canada has so few options to legally buy music and TV I am all for giving Canadian companies first rights to bring it to us but after all these years I am done, I want the option to but other than apple for music and TV and more than my cell phones limited selection for music

If you are interested as well canucks let's all find out what the delay is starting with the CRTC number is 1-877-249-2782
It should say, congratulations to all the idiots who want to have our sucky music in the most random, tragic and deadliest places on earth! (No offense to anyone who came or lives in there. I'm not saying where I live is any better.)
More Google services in Philippines please ^_^
Belgium, Luxembourg. Well, at least it's getting closer to The Netherlands.
Still ignoring your millions of users in Singapore, I see...
If Canadians want Google Play Music on their phone, I guess they have to buy an iPhone...
Enfin en Belgique... J'ai failli attendre dis donc... ;-) 
+Sreedhar Siliveri please elaborate on tweaking bit ... meantime +Google Play  please get Google music to India, you cant miss this Important market especially when you have finally begun to sell your products on play store
Google, I got your phone, your tablet and now I got your chromebook! Now give Canada a break and give us Play Music already!!
Anywhere? Really? What about Czech Rep.? Not supported...
Great! What about Books for New Zealand?
This made my day. Thanks Google!
Just purchased my first album, Croweology (Best of the Black Crowes). Glad to finally have this service in Australia (and to my credit card, sorry!)

But the support page ( is a little confusing though. We can download a song to our computer twice. That's clear as day. But, the page says if we've downloaded it twice and try to get it again, it'll suggest I use the play music manager. Does this mean we can download it more than twice? Does this apply to keeping the music on the device? (i.e. making it available offline)?
Czech republic?...... We want google music!;-(
what about Canada ... right beside the states ...
 Thank you. Could you do that with the other google apps as well?
I can not use play books, play magazines and play movies.
Ok, I understand there are some hoops to jump through to get Google Music and Voice and Wallet into Canada. What I would like to see is Google come out and say why it isn't here yet, so we, as users, can put pressure on whatever is blocking this from happening. Be open with it +Google Play, and let us help it happen.
...And still Norway are missing..? Why do this happen so slow? Slow rollout of legal services only result in that thing called piracy :-(
when in india? itune store already opened & have regional music albums too... 
In Italia manca magazine movies e la possibilità di acquistare i device nexus e l'eventuale "X Phone"
Great can't wait for the Netherlands! 
I have cool music but do not know how to incorporate music into yutub
So when is the Netherlands added?
Google Play:
- one Song 1,29 €
- no download only cloud

- one Song 0,99 €
- cloud, and download up to 10 devices

Why should I try Google Play?
Thank you, Google! 
Finally in Australia. Now all we need is google play gift cards :-)
Well it's about time! Now to make the device store available to us too...
Wow good Job, you did it in Germany and Austria, but not in Switzerland. Nobody else can do that like you! 
So +Google Play what about introducing it to the Netherlands? All our surroundig countries(UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France) have access to Music(and some of them also have movies, books / magazines). Do you have any ETA?
Anyone that thinks it's Googles fault that Google music isn't available doesn't know how the industry works.

If Google music isn't available in your country yet it's because publishers signed restrictive exclusive deals with apple. 
YEEHAAA! Please let devices be next! :)
+David Gray You can download songs with the music manager as many times as you want. If you download directly from the website, you will only be able to download twice.

Making available offline on Android devices does not count towards the download limit.
cool thank you , now please can we have the Devices in Austria to :)
Austria not Australia :) THANK YOU 
Monty M
'bout time. All but given up. Google books next please. many thanks from NZ.
Seriously, Luxembourg has it but not Switzerland? For shame!!!
Good move, Google, to avoid confusion: add Austria and Australia in one go :D
Portugal, yes! Thanks
Still hoping for Switzerland but I guess that will never happen..
Had this in the UK a while and its cool. Also music downloaded in/to Itunes will be uploaded automatically to Google Play music cloud.
nevermind the bollocks!!!
Too sad that Korea is not in the list T.T
Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
Eagerly awaited in India! :) Hope soon...
Looks like things are finally happening. In South Africa we can't wait!
What about Lebanon? 

Oh.. wait, we don't have any good connection plans.. So screw the government  then we can ask about Google Music!!
+Google Play which organization needs to get some bricks through there windows in the Netherlands? Clearly there's someone blocking the NL launch here...I mean every surrounding country already has it.
Any idea of when this will be coming to South Africa?
Sam X
Sweet sweet deal. Now if only you would let me buy Nexus devices in New Zealand from the play store.
Yay! long overdue but Yay! Now for the streaming music service to crawl its way down under.
ah what about switzerland :S ?`
Now only add PayPall support to Google Wallet. Not erverybody has a Credit Card in Belgium. We all have a debit card. It tools to long but finally we got Google Music :). And now when will Google Movie and the harware store be in Belgium??
Czech Rep. got also nothing. When please???
'tis epic love it coz i get to listen to LINKINPARK :-)
And Slovakia? :( please allow Slovakia ;) 
i'm join Roman post and i have a petition to add also Poland :)
Finally !!!!!! Now movies, series and books !!
Canada - remember us? We're America's toque!
Awesome! I was just wondering when this would happen and googled to find more info only to find it happened today!
Thanks Guys!
Go raibh mile maith agaibh!
what about South Africa?
We need this in Sweden. I installed iTunes the other month. I feel dirty.... 
Why still not in Switzerland?
Estonia :) Please let it come to Estonia :)
Canada ? the small contry just north ? no ? 
so yesterday I bought an app to wirelessly sync my itunes to my phone. Google music comes out the very next day... F M L.
Yes finally Australia, now we just gotta get more artists using it to upload / release there music to +Google Play 
Saw music was added last night at 00:40. I was trying to get the latest update to the Play Store version 4.0 then this popped up! :-) I actually almost thought that it was a mistake just because of the timing of it. I thought I had gotten the update to the Play Store and that Music was there accidentally. !!!
Phil T
Thank You for Austria! :DD
What about LATAM?
Finally - Been waiting for this in Ireland for ages. Any sign of Movies, TV and Book, Magazines coming now?
Omg i am surrounded by countries that have it but the Netherlands are still left in the dark even Belgium has it now 
Business idea -> now you should sell this shiny golden headset :)
And where is Czech Republic +Google Česká republika? 
We want Google Music in the Dominican Republic, please :)
Great! Next on the list should be Mexico :)
Nick G
To share with everyone else in Canada waiting for Google Music.... " The broadcast of material on the internet is exempt from CRTC regulation.  The CRTC has conducted a number of proceedings over the years regarding the regulation of the internet.  In its latest review, following a careful examination and a full process, the CRTC determined that it would maintain its approach to

exempt new media broadcasting services from its regulation for broadcasting content distributed over the Internet and through mobile devices.  I suggest you contact Google to express your interest in accessing its services."
We want Google Store in the Czech Republic
and switzerland? come on dude
Music manager is not working behind a proxy.... :-/
Uh... Malaysia's waiting! 
Anxiously waiting for Google Services in Romania too.
What about the rest of the world? Brazil still awaiting for that. C'mon Google...
En Ecuador habemos compradores ávidos. Ya he adquirido apps para mis dispositivos Android. ¿Para cuándo la música, los libros, películas? Latam también existe.
Norway next then? Books movies and music please.:-) 
Hey, what about Brazil? We're looking foward to use this service!!!
OK, Why when I have explicit version of an album does Google Play only let me listen to the censored version!!??? It is very frustrating that music I OWN is being censored!!
when will it be avaliable at Dominican Republic????
Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil 
Jay R
Bc not every country can get access due to laws etc...
Yeah.  Finally music in New Zealand.  :-)  Now how about movies, books and hardware??
+Nicholas Heath they are being selective because of liscencing rights for the music are handling nation by nation.  Apple has the same problems with their TV Shows sections and some of their music
A quand un paiement sur le store avec des cartes de rechargement????
Thank you. Know we need devices, films and magazines. Please... :-)
What about music match? Because uploading all my songs will take a while...
Thank you again for the support.
Netherlands please, with book and movies!
Dam it .'
Denmark is still a unknown country after all that shit we do :P
+Malthe Høj-Sunesen you're not real good at following the conversation, are ya? Google Music is NOT AVAILABLE in Canada...
Sorry...the functionality of cloud storage and the ability to purchase music through Play Music is not available in Canada.
I didn't "get" Play Music, until it was made available to me in Australia. I decided to make a purchase of an album that wasn't available anywhere else. Not even on iTunes or Band Camp.

Instantly available to stream. And up to two downloads to your PC. Awesome!

The only negative is that the Play Music app on Android is terribly basic. I really hope Google release an API to popular music app developer's like +Poweramp Dev so we can enjoy a richer playback experience.

Or, step up Google, and make a stellar music app to compliment the service. Come on, complete the awesome!
+Daniel FLASCH you can download purchased content two times. I just did for one of my purchases. Why would you want to download content to 10 different devices? Kind of defeats the concept of cloud services, doesn't it?
Also, there seems to be a distinct lack of Australian music in the Australian region store. No +The Living End or Bodyjar. I take it that as time progresses, Google and local record companies will add play store clauses to their distribution contracts. Is that how it works?
can someone help me i want to pugrade my android market to upgrade in google play store help help my android version is 2.3.5 i have htc wildfire s
Finland would appreciate Music, also..
Please make it available in the Philippines.
Please make it avilable in israel
Matt S
+Google Play I cant cache music. One single album takes more then 12hrs and still not even 90%, fix your servers!!!!!
when are you going to have google play music in Argentina?
I'd love to enjoy full service of it just like you show on the video before i installed the app.
I would like a spot for FREE MUSIC at Google music services as Jamendo or Musica Libre does and some way links to their youtube videos or put some ads to monetize it and share some money with this open Sourde Authors.

As Google uses Linux open source kernel to make profit with Android and Chrome OS, and even use their own ubuntu version for working, put this fresh free music at the general public knowledgement - there are a lot that is even better than major studios albums -  and Google qill make a great service and a great business from this CC music that is difficult to listen to if you are not a music geek.
switzerland :/ with the center in zürich, one would guess it would come soon enough...
I keep trying to like Google Play Music, and you almost had me - till you launched the live streaming in the US only, and released a new version of the music player - that CRASHES ALL DAY LONG EVEN IF I'M NOT RUNNING IT.

Look forward to update to the app soon...

This is in NZ btw.
Jude Ho
when is the play store coming to singapore?!?
this is so not true. you can't listen to music anywhere. I can't even find my purchased music on my phone. Why isn't it there?
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