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From time to time we'll be showcasing exclusive concerts and interviews available in Google Play.

Today, check out The Civil Wars's performance from Sundance 2012, with an exclusive interview. After releasing their harmony-rich, beautifully bare country-folk 2011 debut, Barton Hollow, the accolades continued to rain down on the transplanted Nashville singer/songwriters. US users can get their entire Live@Sundance album for free (

Today's 25¢ Play of the Day album in the US is Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay's most ambitious album to date ( Check out our exclusive video with Coldplay ( where they discuss the album, graffiti, and more.
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Lol everyone ask for content in their country bit google don't say a word... FAIL
When in FINLAND???
Google, say something! Who is to blame? EMI? BMG? WARNER? PARAMONOUT? It´s stupid solution. We can use proxy, but ordinary users be again at a disadvantage... as usual...
+Luca Secci Yeah, not bringing any of this content to countries outside the US is bad enough (many other companies are doing this, so why can't Google?), but them acting like we don't even exist by ignoring every comment anyone makes about this might be even worse. Why not at least give us a reassuring "don't worry guys, it's coming!"? Is it not coming? My confidence in Google isn't exactly growing stronger by the hour...
Agree, at least give us a hint when it`s coming. But we have other option to get service working in Europe...
what it has to do with google play?
changing proxy works for me, didn`t made any purchasing yet(didn`t find what to buy)
+Roland Postma If There's a reason it's NOT available around the world. Why Google propagate Google Play in my Country?
No point to fight, whos right waiting legaly using content vs. those who trying get it today via illeagal way(proxy change). Every one choose own way to get it GOOGLE to PLAY. :;
You must use US credit card (other not accepted) for paying content and legal VPN (this method is legal, i thing, but uncomfortable). We must waiting...
Thats true u have to use US card to purchase.
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