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Explore inside the movie with info cards to learn the real scoop about the actors, about other films they've starred in and even what song's playing in the background. Then get right back to enjoying your movie. Now rolling out to all countries where Google Play Movies are available.

Watch The Hobbit, now with info cards, on Google Play:
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Pop-Up Video meets Google Play.  Nice. :)
Sorry, a bit off topic: any chance to get OV for the movies?
Play Movies needs a subscription based option
Google, please, give us the possibility to suscribe to an "All Access" for the entire Google Play (not only Play Music). I mean Movies, TV, Books, Magazines. All of it.
I swear, I will suscribe!!!!!!!! :$
I wish it was available on all movies and t.v. shows
Great!!!... Does It also work with chromecast? or only does it work when I see the film through the app on your smartphone / tablet?
Google play is expensive but can fulfill your mission
might be worth buying a movie now.
N.i B.
Elbueno lamala y elfeo
It would be nice to have a possibility to watch it... (Poland)
What the hell can't find friends on search bar fix!!!!!!! Khgwdraaschubs hey

Hellow google play plaese I can download emandar murga book please help me
Bought x men first class and I don't see any cards.
+Ztobe Ntleki hi, you can download from google play movies but you need an android tablet or chromebook (new app). You have to "pin" the movie to your device.
So it won't work on my nexus 5, only on 7?
What are texing about? I need a texting friend! Anyone out there?
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