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The time has arrived! Check out this "cream of the crop" list for our top 2012 recommendations in music, movies, apps and books: (US-, UK- Share with us what’s on your best of 2012 list in the comments below.
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My favorite apps in no particular order...

Seriesguide, Buienalarm, Avast-Mobile Security, Zombies Run, Manga Watcher, Skyscanner, Tripit, Human Japanese, Plague Inc, World of Goo, SwiftKey, Pocket, Chrome.
It is almost 2013 and Google still thinks that USA (optionally + UK + CA) = WORLD. So sad.
I use pocket since it was read it later and it's the best app to save Web pages 
A few apps have changed how I spend my reading time. One is Kobo (since back in the Shortcovers days).

The other is +Pocket.
Anyone listened to the Fiona Apple album? I might have to check it out.
Links don't work if you ad block?
BTW, some of the applications listed there might work outside US and UK. I don't think it's fair even for the developers who'd like their apps seen on those lists
VLC Player Beta
Pixlr Express
Pregnancy My baby
TED Conferences
TuneIn radio
Sketchbook Mobilex
Dead Trigger

All on Nexus 7
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