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A magazine taste test? Don't mind if we do! We're using thirty-day free trials ( to try new magazines from +WIRED to +Allure. Be sure to check out some new titles.
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How about you enable print subscribers of Wired to claim free digital subscriptions on Play... you know, like they can do on B&N, iOS and Kindle Fire? That would be awesome.

+Google Play 
Lars S.
Can you please make at least a seperate G+ Google Play Account for Europe (South America, Asia, Australia...)? It is just sad and annoying to get news about Updates/Offers that you are never able to use, unless you are from the US or sometimes Canada.

I know that also in Europe not every country has the same options, but this would be a nice step in the right direction.

I also know that it is not just Googles Fault im a Service can't be offered. But it seems that you just ignore alle the people commenting here. And it seems most of the people are disappointed customers just follwoing this channel in the hope that something will be offered for them too. IS this really what you want?

Although i think this a G-Play Europe Account will not post anything here as it still seems that there are now special updates&offers at all...
So then I mean... if I have a paper subscription can I get the Google version as well or do I have to subscribe again.

This is HARD.
...and they forgot to mention this is another US post.
You're supposed to sign up for a monthly subscription, the first of which is free. If you forget to cancel the subscription, you'll be billed for the next issue(s). I really hate this method, I feel like it's a trap for the forgetful. It would have been much better if the current issue was free, without forcing us into some sort of recurring billing situation. Too bad, because I would have liked to have checked out some of these periodicals, but I don't trust my own ability to remember to cancel the ones I don't like. (Edit: Where's my #ingress invitation? :^)
I have to agree with Nick, this is a trap! There is no way I am going to remember to cancel what I don't want.  Make the 1st issue free, until it is a no go for me! 
Nothing but apps in Mexico. So I can't see the mags.
Magazines on the laptop aren't great. Good, however on the Nexus7. I agree though I don't like the free trial I always forget to cancel! Ha. 
Was looking for an excuse to try out "Google Mags" I love Popular Science so here goes...
+Nick Vargish and +Marcelle McGhee I have tried the free preview with a monthly subscription intent. I always have gotten an email prior to being billed to my gmail account warning me to cancel if I wish not to receive anymore magazines. Not sure how much more they can do for you.
+Gary Galmin I didn't know that they send a warning e-mail before billing, even I could probably handle that. Thanks for being the canary -- maybe I'll try a couple of them now.
Doesn't work in my country... :(
I don't like to wait. So, I'll going to buy in another website. To bad for GPlay...
+Nick Vargish No problem. I can say the Maxim Magazine is a no brainer. Just putting that out there!
Sorry! Magazines on Google Play is not available in my country yet.
Gah, bloody well tell us when they're regional specific links! 
When is going to be available the full experience of Google Play for Mexico?
Shame it's not available in the UK.  How much are subscriptions?
Dangerous move...accidents(car) will increase
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