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Looking for a good laugh? Watch Ted, the comedy from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. +1 this post if you love any of the above (namely Ted, Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane).
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Only movie I ever went to twice in theater!!! In tears!!
I love the fabric softener but not willing to commit to a movie based on their mascot.
время идет)) как они изменились,а когда-то был просто мальчик и Винни)))
Got Ted Unrated  from Xbox Video 4 days ago in HD (5GB). Downloaded it to my Xbox 360, Asus Vivo RT Tab and 64GB microSD card inside it (also backed it up on my 1TB portable hard drive). Paid for the movie once and did all that with the same movie. This is something you can't do with Google Play Movies/Music store it on the SD card.
Not available in Italy :'( 
When can we buy in the UK...?
Fuckin awesome movie , I watched 5 times already ;)
Nice movie :-)
+Andre Frederick Can't speak for the movies side, but you certainly can download your Google Music collection as plain old MP3.
You tease. No "US Only"-tag - but still not available here in Denmark.
pleas tell me when to +1 a post, I don't know. btw why would I +1 Ted, if I like familyguy?
to take +1 is a good laugh... lol
And i will still pirating apps,movies nad music till i can buy in my local currency and without credit card. Sorry for that, regards from Venezuela :)
:-(  and for us in belgium  ???
ted is awesome so shut the f..k up
неужели так мало людей, кому понравился этот фильм?
a bear drinking beer gotta see that movie.
Is there a way to create a "Wish List" on Google Play?  Sometimes, I'd like to Buy or Rent, but don't have time and it would be nice to pull up a Wish List some Saturday evening when I'm ready to relax --- and NOT when I receive an email from Google Play on a Tuesday night...cuz I just delete those!

Just a thought!
I HATE Ted it sucks b@lls and you should NEVER watch it!!!
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