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CelAPPbrate the #holidays with these phenomenal apps, on sale for a limited time: +SwiftKey 3 ( and Sword & Sworcery (
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Swype is still the best Keyboard app IMHO. Tried Swiftkey but it is just a limited copy of Swype with a good T9 dictionary. 
+Adam Anderson Odd. I have been using Flow as a daily driver since it was released for Beta and I haven't had any significant issues. A couple of minor inaccuracies in word prediction but miles beyond Swype. I guess that's why they do a Beta though. Figure out where all of the gremlins are. 
Just snagged Flow for my Inspire 4g. Thanks for the suggestion!
El millor teclat per Android, per suposat coneix molt bé el català ;-)    
SwiftKey is by far superior to any other keyboard. I haven't used the Flow version and doubt I will but it looks promising for those that like trace typing. 
I Buoght this app about 6 months ago. Excellent, especially for those of us with big fingers.
Swiftkey on sale? You lucky dogs! Merry ****ing Christmas! Lol!
Swiftkey rocks!   B-D
I'm trying SwiftKey Flow beta version out on my tablet but it doesn't "flow" in landscape :(
I like the red keyboard theme. Bring it on! 
Stock 4.2 keyboard works just as good. Bought swords & sworcery
New theme is perfect for the HTC dna.... Color. Matches 
Google Voice to text... forget keys!!
Ah, but Swype is heaven when you cannot talk.
swype is the best thing in the world
You have to pay , phwaa no it's ok il type
I love SwiftKey Flow. I will never use any other keyboard again. I type so much faster with flow. It blues my mind how much quicker I type with flow. 
Let me try this out and see what all the fuss is about. Woah this is really quick and accurate!

First use and I'm impressed. I've been a swype user for a while and this could create a convert. Does anyone have any reservations with granting access to their accounts?
Have tried both swype and swiftkey. Swype was OK but with lots of bugs. Swiftkey is really bad. To me, the best by far is SlideIT
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Got SwiftKey 3 about 2 days before it went on sale. Don't mind though, it's definitely worth every penny. 
Google , Where is The White Shopping Bag Icon
Tried it, it now my phone is bugy.
Dt Tong
Resume for security
Skype is ok but has trouble recognising some words. Same with SwiftKey flow. Typing in SwiftKey is far superior to typing in swype though, so I'm looking forward to SwiftKey flow being released. Enjoying the beta for now... 
Loving SwiftKey on my Nexus 4
I always feel so clumsy on the regular keyboard. I should have gotten this before! But nothing beats the wifi keyboard for speed :) 
Way better than the stock version. ...
SwiftKey Flow is fantastic but as said earlier, it won't always put the word up that you spell. "sexy" for example. I get "sect" everytime. Plus a few other words also. But apart from that it's pretty good. 
Stupid US only offer ! Stop this BS please and give everyone the same chance to get your damn offers
Hak An
I got it 100% OFF from torrents...:)
Touchpal keyboard v5 is way better then swiftkey (my opinion)
Got and uninstalled swift key right away didn't like them collecting my data. It says it will collect and save everything I type Wtf!
Umm well that's not too strange +Richard Gil as it IS a keyboard... kind of hard for it not to see what you type and for it to improve the word suggestions and auto correct.
All the keyboard say the same that it MIGHT collect your typing etc. If you feel skeptic, get Nokia 3210.
Is swift key flow any better then the stock android browser? 
Love this app
The best keyboard ever.. Swift nice lovely.... What more can I say, it speaks for itself.. Try it. 
+Mattias Isegran Bergander good logic, wasn't thinking about that. Still I will prefer them to say something like "we will save your txt for improvement and delete them after a week, month or something like that". Otherwise looks a lot like invasion of privacy
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