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Check out these apps that make the most of your tablet's screen: Which apps do you love on your tablet?
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Granny Smith....plays flawlessly on the N7, and i prefer xbox smartglass on the N7 over the GN
Why does none of the links you post work for me... Not on my android chrome browser and not on my mac chrome browser.... Ugh
Mark JH
3 emails to +Google Play about my nexus 4 order and no replies. I was prematurely charged. I have paid for a product that will ship in 4-5 weeks. I thought policy was to charge me when the product ships? The money is not the issue, the fact that you obviously state you don't charge until the product has shipped then charge me and won't answer my emails regarding the status of my order. Unless I can get in contact with someone I'm canceling my order. For almost $400 after taxes and shipping you would think a company would have at least a dedicated email support team instead of this auto-reply junk.
Rayman is a awesome game on my nexus 7. 
Missing Reader in the list.

Best google reader experience in my opionon. Nice features and a great UI on phones, 7 and 10inch tablets.Loving the app and also the developer team which is always really quick responding to new features and APIs to make use of them. Was one of the first ICS Apps making use of fragments and one of the first with optimizations for the N7.
We need more Tablet HD apps not phone apps on a tablet 
+Obito Uchiha no, we need more apps being updated with the guidelines laid out as that covers fragments and optimizing for different screen sizes
+Mark JH perhaps it was an authorization and not an actual charge? Did you check your credit card statement? I got a notification about a charge but it was actually just an authorization. There's no charge on my credit card. I ordered last Tuesday.
+Mark JH also there's a Google Play Support phone number which you should see in your confirmation email: 1-855-836-3987. Have you called it during business hours?
Really good collection - already have most of them, and agree with the recommendations. Just wish there were more of them.

Maybe Google should approach this with the Apple strategy: if you don't modify your apps to work on a tablet screen, they'll look crap.

I've actually been tempted to offer up a modest bounty to any company who can truly wow me with their phone-to-tablet transition.
We need a more exhaustive list please. Rotate it out. I have to search and search for tablet optimized apps. Make a much bigger section in the play store. My nexus 7 needs some more apps please! 
My Nexus 7 is hungry!! More tablet apps please!!!
Just found Glimmr, which is the Flickr browser Yahoo should have made...
Good but no where near great, Android developers unite, please optimize more apps for both Nexus tablets. We the people need this and so does Android as an ecosystem to survive and for Tablets to sell. Its where Android lacks. +alex dampios , I agree. I have both Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 and I want more apps that take full advantage of the resolution and screen size.
Thanks +Thomas Ally for posting the real link. Google always use a crappy redirect that doesn't work on devices using adblock. 
+Ernu Butchart Just trying it for the first time, and wow!! This is very nice indeed, thank you for the heads up :) Using Chrome is starting to seem like a punishment of some kind ;)
F Kango
Netflix, Flipboard, Aldiko & Freeze. 
Dear people of Google. Why can i not pay with somthing other then a credit card. I have so much fun with my nexus 7. But i do not have a credit card or want to have one. In the Nederlands we pay with Ideal i can do so for a few years now with Skype. Why not with Play?
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