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Today’s Surprise: Looking for a new TV show to try out? Watch a free pilot episode of the musical drama series, Smash, and get the entire first season for just $13.99: US-
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Good series one of the better shows this year 
Insert standard comment complaining about those of us in Countries where we can't buy any TV shows / movies /music /books.

Hurry up and fix the licencing issues +Google Play I want you to take my money. Otherwise I'll just give it to someone who wants it. 
That episode has been free for weeks. Not exactly a surprise, is it?
Yes, Google, I am looking for a new TV series to try out, thank you. But I also enjoy my eyes, so much so that I would not subject them to something that would force me to scoop them out with a spoon. Try again.
How about Star Wars - The Clone Wars computer animated series? I'd buy that in a heartbeat!!
Yes Google hurry up here in Australia, we only get movies on Google play ,no TV shows 
Stupid rules about only select countries. This whole protectionist idea is so last century :(
Usual "epic fail" of the film distributors that don't realize the internet is global (not only US)
Great show, love thevmusicalnumbers
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