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Create a portrait and share #whatmatters to you for a chance to win a new +Nexus 7 tablet or a +Google Play gift card. Full details:
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Oh great they put at the bottom of the details that you must "reside in the United States"
That cup is in the "danger zone" .. never would be like that at my house.
US only... Yeah Fuck you too google, I'm so tired of the US only shit
I agree on the US only thing. Really? What gives? Oh well, at least Google Play cards are finally available in Canada.
To all who complain about US only stuff, I highly encourage you to do something about it. Start your own company and proceed to try to do business around the globe. Then come back and tell us how it went.
"... is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States ..." :'(
for residents of the USA only.:(
Looks like a Squarespace commercial
+James Symmonds I here what you're saying but other sites/companies can manage international competitions.
I will have to find things that mean a lot to me. Things aren't all that important.
Thanks to all the other day I was a little while. How are the most
"Remember to include your personal stuffs... credit cards, passwords"...
+James Symmonds what does doing business internationally have to do with holding an international give away?  Heck I could hold an international give away and I don't have an international business.. Please explain your point.
+James Symmonds yes I'm sure the fact that a global corporation is under international tax avoidance investigation is the reason it makes a competition US only.
+Corbin Doak Exactly! 
+James Symmonds All you've done is tell people to go start a business, and then tried to justify it by mention government scrutiny....seriously?

Google sanctioned Kitkat giveaway Nexus 7  that happened not that long ago....that was international...
+Corbin Doak +Adam Burtt +Anthony Nguyen and the name of your international companies that you run are...? No? That's what I thought. You probably shouldn't bother. You probably wouldn't do well.

Yes, Joe Shmoe can give something away to anyone in the world. Joe Shmoe probably also doesn't attract much attention if they fudge their books a little either.

Besides, look at how much you whine when you're not included. You probably also whine if there isn't a winner in your neighborhood.

And ultimately, the Kit Kat give away was done through Nestlé. You didn't unwrap and bite into a fresh helping of data. Derp.
+James Symmonds what if one of us did run an international company?  Would that change anything from your perspective?
It's just not a compelling argument.  It just sounds like "I'm comfortable, so f*ck everyone else".
Why us only? Because at least in australia, you can go down to woolworths, buy some kitkats and have a chance to win the same prizes.

Speaking of which, I am posting this with the nexus7 I won in the australian kit kat promotion :-P
That's why Apple will always be in advance. They give their products to all countries, not like you, Google... I'm getting really tired of this!
You're sounding like a broken record now, +James Symmonds  Clearly you've got nothing better than, "let's see you do better, neener neener".
So +James Symmonds Google have a global company just like you say, they have global products, they advertised the competition globally, everyone everywhere can post a #whatmatters pic, it will be seen globally, but the prize is reserved for an American. Why shouldn't it be Google they does better?
Guitar center. Westhemier. Houston Texas
+Adam Burtt it's simple. Either put up or shut up. So far, I'm guessing you haven't walked a mile in Google's shoes and therefore need to realize you have no argument.

+Aaron Roydhouse if you had your own company like Google, you would have that answer.

Ultimately, you're all just whining over free stuff. It's not like what they're giving away is vital to your existence. 
+James Symmonds sorry, but that won't fly any better than your ridiculous "argument".
If you want us to shut up, you can always mute or block us.  :)  Your call.
+James Symmonds if you're saying you need to walk a mile in Googles shoes to have an argument. That counts you out too then. Your entire argument has been opinionated at best, you never had an argument to begin with. You were clutching at straws from the get go and still continue to with your baseless comments. I'm done with this dribble.
+Adam Burtt +Anthony Nguyen what I have put forth is perfectly reasonable. All I'm hearing from you two is the same whining a brat puts forth because things don't work out the way they would like in "their own little world".

The facts still remain the same. It's Google's contest. It's their rules. They have their reasons. Don't like constantly being reminded of that? Uncircle them. It's that easy. Otherwise, you just look like a whiner because that is all you're doing. You want to take your ball and go home? Be my guest. 
Let's build our bridges not burn them
Well, I'd say that suggesting you need to run a multinational corporation whilst hosting giveaways in order to have any understanding of Google's position is just silly, since almost nobody would have that experience.

It is reasonable, on the other hand, to expect that when a company announces something cool and then turns around at the end and excludes lots of people from it that people are going to post and express some disappointment at not being able to participate.

It's also reasonable to assume that distributing stuff around the world while jumping through all the extra hoops to make sure your internal accounting still adds up and you've complied with all import/export/tax/giveaway etc laws, or (as many companies do) actually staging multiple national giveaways in different countries is probably significantly more work than staging one that only has to comply with one set of rules and work with one set of books.

And of course if you want to know whether it's worth putting in the extra effort to get all international distribution going... well, I'd probably look at people's reactions and then decide whether it was worth it. If there were thousands of people clamouring for it to be available outside the US then it probably would be, but with the current number of posters here, it would probably look like a waste of time.

Of course this does also mean that expressing your disappointment is important if you actually want things to change.
Like I said +James Symmonds , if you can't handle people having a different view on things, mute them or block. But it's futile to tell them to shut up or call them "whiners", it just makes you sound like a redneck.
Google sells services to a global market, so it is perfectly legitimate to ask why a competition is restricted to one country only.
+Anthony Nguyen oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were done with this "dribble" and yet there you are. In the end, what I've said isn't dribble but a basic truth. You want to understand why Google does things the way they do then you need to be Google. But seeing as you can't even understand that point, you have no hope of ever being your own Google.

You can jump and scream and beat your fists against your desk all you want. You certainly aren't the first to do so on a Google thread and yet.... The rules of this contest still remain the same. So, good luck in life. Sounds like you are going to need it.
looks like my desk at work.
+Adam Burtt All I'm hearing from you is someone who is sour because they can't get things their way and therefore assume that any view that doesn't support them getting their way is wrong. The facts speak for themselves, Google set the rules and they obviously have their reasons. You obviously can't accept that so therefore the only thing left to say to you is... tough. Run your mouth all you want, the rules don't seem to be changing here. 
+Anthony Nguyen Why? Because you don't like the facts? Here's another one for you. Life's not fair. Deal with it or leave. They're giving stuff away. They owe you nothing. Time to put your big boy pants on and get a life.
No assumptions here; all that's been asked is why a global company, operating in a global market, using a medium designed for a global audience, restricts a competition to the US.
But according to you we're not even allowed to ask the question - and why?  Because we also don't operate a large company?  How absurd.  Like +Anthony Nguyen said, unless you also own such a company you might as well count yourself out of the discussion too. 
+James Symmonds No, because it's extremely uneducated to say you need to be Google to know how a business like Google works. Hence the dribble.
+Anthony Nguyen +Adam Burtt It's not dribble and it's very valid. Google has been here running these contests like this for a while now. People have been complaining since day one. The rules haven't changed and Google doesn't answer. Therefore, you want to know why? Start your own international company and let us know how it goes. So no, no reason to count myself out just because you're in denial and frothing at the mouth for easy answers you're not going to get.
Well then +James Symmonds people like you, and people like myself +Anthony Nguyen and others will just have to get used to the sight of each other until companies like Google take a more catholic approach to its customers.
People like us do actually pay for goods and services on the Play Store (when we're not arguing on G+).  And it's not as if the practice of opening competitions up to an international audience would set a precedent, as others have pointed out.  I don't think it's too much to ask.
+Adam Burtt And as I've said before, they're giving away free stuff. They have their rules. They have their reasons. It's free stuff. You have no room to complain. The stuff you buy on the Play Store has no bearing on the contests and gives you no right to expect anyone to give you anything more than what you have purchased. 
No se gue pasa gue tengo una cueta en google desde mucho tiempo y mi cuenta no guiere funcionar. Gracias por sus atencion.
Once again, +James Symmonds no-one has said we have a right to free stuff. Only asking the question why competition is not international on an international forum, for the reasons I have patiently laid out. It could be the same amount of prizes - that's not important.
But you better believe that "the stuff we buy" on the Play Store matters in the international market, when most of the Play Store's revenue comes from outside the US.
+Adam Burtt Ok, so stop buying their stuff then. Feel free to get an iPhone, buy your stuff from iTunes, use Apple Maps and get lost. ;P Go ahead, if you're so up in a hissy fit because they aren't giving you stuff, vote with your wallet.

+Gregg Lowden Feel free to walk on down to your local Google office and let them know.

You can all sit here and try to argue with me all you want but it'll get you as far as your whining to Google in this thread is going to get you. Why? Because I know how far your whining here is going to get you and already know it isn't far. Good luck.
You keep telling us to go away +James Symmonds , but it isn't going to happen even with your infantile insults. Deal with it.
+Adam Burtt Feel free to stick around and be a whiner. Because that's all you're going to be viewed as. While you're at it, you can also go write Google on a wall at home and throw rocks at it. It'll be just as effective at getting your way.
+James Symmonds Lol :)  Keep digging that hole, champ.  The invitation to block or mute is still open.
+James Symmonds Why do you care wether we whine or not? Since you are not outside the US you lack the experience of our situation and cannot argue that our whining is unreasonable.

So stop complaining about non-US citizens demanding stuff until you moved outside the US for, let's say, a lifetime and see how stuff looks from this side of the pond. 
+Adam Burtt Digging what hole? Whatever dude. Enjoy your futile rantings. They seem to be doing you so much good.
+Adam Burtt Oh! A hashtag! Oh no!!!! No, no irony here. Just get over yourself and deal with life. Reality. It'll do you some good. And as I said before, good luck in life. Looks like you need it.
laughs +James Symmonds  Seriously, you have problems mate. OK, feel free to have the last word. This has gone on long enough.
+Adam Burtt Problems? No, you just can't accept that you aren't going to get anywhere with your whining to Google. Sounds like you're the one with the problem.
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I could care less if this contest is US only. I want to know why Motorola, a Google Company, launched the Moto G in Brazil and it's US release comes after a long list of other countries? ( Implied sarcasm!)
The "argument" put forth by +James Symmonds is an embarrassment to the rest of us residing in the US.
+Deborah Miller Wow! You're all of the US? Gee, I think I know a lot of people who would disagree with you representing the country.
There is a lot to be said for people doing the wrong thing. It will teach us how to do the right thing. Praise the Lord with me. Love them anyway, just like the Lord loves us.

Nice..earn money frm other countries and give it to us ppl.. Google the patriot..
Looks like that conversion file program from text edit to pdf / print is harder to fix than I thought! #Adobe lol 
+James symmonds I've read all your comments out of general interest and have come to only one conclusion. Your a penis.
Wow what an angry redneck ginger 
Hoping CM will surely break the US only monopoly thing of g play soon
+Deborah Miller bcos when Google wants more revenue,they put the products first in other countries,but they prefer loosing revenues to their country masses in expectation of a higher one from around the world...
Leo P.
+HACKADAY on Nexus 7. Now I want a Nexus 7 to have more success for my projects. 
+James Symmonds arrogance mixed with ignorance, all in pretty bad style. No wonder you Americans are renowned for some of these things. 
I'm sick of the current tablet I'm using!
phones have been gearhead :)
+James Symmonds Whining is repeating the same thing over and over without providing arguments, its what you are doing.

Asking a question as to why a globally announced give-away is restricted to 1 country is a legit question.
Either walk a mile in "excluded" shoes or shut up. People study international business without owning their own Google and they know how a business is run, so your "argument??" is flawed.

But it seems you have your own Google as you seem to know exactly why they exclude other countries without having to ask why they do that. Please nlighten us.
Sean G
Blah blah blah... I don't care. Period. Haha.
Sad this has descended into a US vs the rest of the world. Google have done a lot to make modern tech accessible to those without the usual means. What other US tech company behaves differently? Most avoid taxes internationally and look after their home market. Just look at Motorola and the Motox launch, they gambled and only sold only 500000 units so now they release the moto g to the "rest"of the world first. Its business and nothing more.
I have not accepted the KitKat update for my Nexus 7 2013,why?
What do they mean "portrait"? Is that a new marketing/ "social media" term, or do they mean portrait in the traditional sense???
My wordl is aii about my kids an family. This is a lurening tool for my kids..
+Steve Dyson Meh. Sorry that things aren't going the way you'd like them.

+Szczepan Kamiński It's not arrogance, it's confidence. Confidence because I've been dealing with Google and its "customer service" for quite some time now, longer than Android has been around. With that experience, I can tell you for a fact that there CS is as close to non-existent as a company can get. Even companies that had good CS presence before being bought by Google go this way after Google.

Therefore, I'm pretty confident in what I've said here. Don't like it? Well, you can contact Google CS about it.

+Hugo Cox Your argument about applying your definition of whining to what I'm doing is the flawed reasoning here.

They're all asking a question that has been asked of Google since day one of Android. The end result has always been the same. Silence. If these people are so smart about international business and are still left scratching their heads...  well then, the answer is simple. Become "Google". Start up your own giant well known company and see how it goes. I guess you aren't aware of the phrase "You can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time."

And you're assuming I haven't walked a mile in the shoes of the excluded. That assumption is massively wrong. We're all excluded from something at some point. I've been "excluded" many times, even recently. The difference is that I don't sit here and make comments in a company thread that they'll never read and never answer.

It's also an assumption to think that just because something is put out on the internet that it is for you. If you see a suggestive photo of a woman on the internet, do you assume she wants you to come over for some fun? Do you? Because I have a bridge to sell you. I'm even willing to bet that at least half those people who clicked through to see what it was about knew before they clicked what they would find.
What's that weird ugly yellow device? I only recognize da tablet.
I used to like that blue pen a lot. I haven't touch any pen for about last 6 months.
+James Symmonds just shut up and come up with a good argument.

Many small Web stores ship internationally. Why can't Google?

This has nothing to do with us not having a multimillion company. 
+James Symmonds fair enough, full agreement as far as customer service topic is concerned. Google's motto seems to be "We will give you products for no defined price, you take it as it is or gtfo. Did you pay? Well, gtfo"
What is more annoying than their business strategy is a simple fact that they show no consistency whatsoever. Nerdy company in perpetual beta state.
Anyways you can try and exercise in politeness. Because arguing on the internet is like running at the special Olympics...
What is that board to the right with the outputs and stuff? Do google have a development/prototyping board?
+James Symmonds
I really love most Google stuff, I do. I've got a google apps account, I've set up a previous company with Google Apps, I've used Analytics, and obviously have got an Android phone. Now that's been said, Google really sucks in serving any non-US territory. They pretend to be a global company! How does that rhyme with their total disregard for service here? I mean, we're not talking about countries like North Korea!
Google Voice is still not active in the Netherlands after more than 4 years. Devices like the Nexus still can't be purchased in the play store. There are plenty other examples like this.
How come Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Apple and many many other companies have no problems at all serving the entire world simultaneously, but Google seems to lack that ability?
Stop being a blindsided by your fanboyism and be realistic. Google's still a great company in many aspects, but they totally and utterly suck in this regard.
Have you never used adwords? it is useful but expensive for small business.
+Pavelescu Radu It is more likely to get into legal issues if they have an international contest. Blame lawyers and liberals.
+Amp Man Sometimes i feel there are more loyal Google users around the world than in the U.S. Even through the user demographics here on Google+ it seems so.

Everyone in the world should get a whiff of their their products, especially since most of USA(outside of tech enthusiasts)  still uses Apple products anyway.
To the long winded debate about why this isn't an international give away. I know it is old fashioned of me but maybe just maybe they s is for the US only not because it is about money. They can make money giving away things for free but maybe their not trying to. Maybe instead its just that Google is a company founded and based in the US, and as such they are doing something nice for the people they share the country with. Maybe its not about excluding anyone, maybe its doing something nice, and letting people share something about themselves, just because the already share something. I know your not supposed to be proud to live in America and have good feelings about your country and your fellow citizens. But maybe a country with as much cash flow as many small countries can, on occasion just do something because they want to. 
+James Symmonds i think u have a lot of free time writing that much :D, i didn't read ur comms so don't know what ur saying...
Thanks to all of your choice. The best part of the most important part in a while to respond to
The other day. I will have the same. The first time
Agreed...everyone who uses mobile devices should be eligible
If it is free I will take it and give it a try I am tired of buying junk
They are working on a"Made in the USA" campaign...
+Pavelescu Radu It doesn't actually take all that long to type out such basic information.

+Chris Gibson I'm sorry, you probably shouldn't type out your replies while looking at yourself in the mirror. I could really care less what you think of yourself. ;)
Americans are a bunch of lazy, fat, arseholes!
what do u want to say

i cnt participate just becoz i am in india

go to hell

every time there is a differrence

in us and non us residentials
why ??????????

u provide services in other countries free off cost

or our money is not money

we are some different human beings

i dnt know what to say
same on myself
or same on u
+James Symmonds
Your truth to you perhaps so yeah it always sounds right to one who cannot face the honest truth that they just might be wrong.
+Chout Rodriguez  Please tell me how I'm wrong.

Fact: Google has been doing US only stuff since day one. (Makes sense though since they are a US company that has gone international.

Fact: People have been complaining about these US only things also since day one.

Fact: Google still seems to do some of their stuff US only and hasn't given a single peep as to why or even acknowledged the "outcries of the masses".

Therefore, if they aren't going to let you in on what's going on behind their doors, you need to put yourself in their place to understand. It's just that simple. If no one here can accept that, that's your problem, not mine. Deal with it.
+James Symmonds
Why...that would be what you want as you are CLEARLY here to stir shit up and argue.
On the short term it can be fun and good for a chuckle but you clearly are one lonely dude.
+Chout Rodriguez Stir shit up? I made a very simple and valid observation which has yet to be proven wrong yet everyone here wants to try to stir shit up and say it is wrong but has yet to prove it. You're just more of the same. You can hurl insults all you want but all it does is give me insight into how you live your life. You and anyone else who thinks it takes me long to type this out must be a bunch of slow people.
Proved what? Enlighten me, please. So far you haven't proven squat.
Sure did.
You are doing a fine job proving yourself over and over again.
Well played and how does one prove a squat?
Well, if you can't figure that out, I guess you aren't as bright as you think you are. Which is the only thing that you've been able to prove. Congrats!
Hello, I'm just not going to be the biggest and best friend in their life is not in order 
+Chout Rodriguez just saying that I'm proving your point doesn't actually mean I'm proving your point. Thought you might want to know that so you don't look so silly in the future. 
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