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Today’s Surprise: Experience the magic of the #holiday season with It’s a Wonderful Life, at the discounted price of $4.99 (US- +1 this post if you love Frank Capra’s classic film!
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$4.99? Come on. My wife bought that film several years ago in DVD for a half.
years ago this movie was in the public domain, that's pretty much what made it the popular movie that it is. Copyright was reclaimed a few years ago and now the cost for the movie has gone up. This is also why you don't see it on tv as much as you used to.
The Film is one of the greatest. I love this so much
$5 for a movie that is constantly on TV? No thanks...
1 dollar or less at the store. Google you got greedy this year, didn't give us any true deals.
Charging $4.99 for an ancient movie instead of giving it away as a Christmas thing? Shame Google Shame!
old people would be saying that expensive and the young would say that's cheap
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