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What's your favorite travel app?
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Chrome if we can get it out of beta and release more features including tabs
TuneIn Radio, i can't travel without it.
Sygic: GPS Navigation..
Because of Google navigation is not available for my country :(
KAYAK, Google Maps / Places, ParkBuddy, Rdio and Foursquare.
Google Maps, Transportdroid, Rozkład PKP
Google Maps and all Apps of the Public Transportation Companys (SNCF, DB and so on).
TripIt.. It's a lifesaver!
Also Google Maps of course :)
Navitel. Google Maps doesn´t have voice guide here in Venezuela.
Maps , navigation and "à bon entendeur" a french anti radar app better than coyote and waze maps....and google music player
Waze :)
#GoogleMaps . I always use it. If I'm abroad, I'll make sure to get a pre-paid data plan ASAP. Everything is so much easier!
i do +Carlos Flores , lol i like it alot, i just wasnt sure if it necessarily fell into a "travel" app like kayak and waze etc ... so i was questioning my answer
#googlemaps and #googlenavigation and #mytracks
Urbanspoon for helping of find new and interesting places to eat while on the road. Honorable mention to Foursquare, which might be my top pick if it worked properly on all android handsets, which it doesn't.
For business travel I like Concur.
Google Navigation!!!!! Who needs a GPS when you have this running?
Expense Manager. It makes reimbursements a breeze.
Google Maps without a doubt, i love it.
Definitely FlightTrack. I've seen it be more up-to-date than some of the airlines' own apps.
Google Maps, Navigation beta with satellite view enabled
Tripit for long journeys, Waze for driving around.
For traveling in Baltics, Spotigee is definitely the most useful app!
Sygic is the best app

Samsung Galaxy S Mini ...... Pakistan
Google Maps. But missing bike routes and public transport navigation for my country :(
Couldn't find one I can use. They're all severely limited in several ways.
Google maps is a blessing.. It is an awesome app by google. Always thankful to google for developing such a brilliant app.
Google Navigation but for cycling i use naviki or adac
After my recent Cross Country trip, West coast to East, and back.. it's gotta be GOOGLE MAPS w/ navagation.
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