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Love big, beautiful, waterproof screens? Perfect. Save $200 on the 6.4" Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition:
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Now we just need Play Editions in the UK & Europe please Google! 
Holland ... No go
So wish this was available in canada
Not in Canada - What is the actual price today?
I imagine they have more stock than they hoped to have at this point. $200 is a pretty big discount but at $449, is it worth a $220 premium over a Nexus 7 2013? I wouldn't be using this as a phone anyway.
Europe and EU are 3rd world countries according to Google and Microsoft devices
+Mario Herkvi well some countries in the EU are kinda third world. Well we can't call them third world since they joined the EU but still
Sure Slovenia is a tiny country, but we use/buy phones too. 
When will GPE Devices come in Italy? Play store is almost complete here 😁
If this had happened a couple of months ago, I'd be posting this comment from a Z Ultra GPE instead of a Nexus 5.

As awesome as the Z Ultra is, I just couldn't bring myself to spend $250 more to end up with a phone with no camera flash. At this price though, it's a killer deal! 
please, bring Google Play Editions to Europe (Austria)!!
It makes an awesome tablet with phone capabilities. I sold my Nexus 7 and this may be the replacement 
It looks like it has the bands but does it have the LTE channels to work on AT&T? If it does, may just have to pick this one up.
$200 off  a (soon to be outdated) device may always seem like a good deal. But if you take in consideration all the pros vs cons of the Xperia Z ultra and Sony's updates reputation, I think you're still overpaying. Not going to promote the Note 3 but even that could be a better choice in my opinion. And isn't the Nexus 5's 5 inch really not big enough in your hands and simply the best deal?
Damn... I just purchased 2 of these in the past 2.5 months. +Google Play , is there anything that can be done?
I certainly hope that, if Android Silver takes the place of the +Nexus line, the +Google Play store in Canada (as well as others globally) will be able to offer these products to those consumers.
Andy L.
Is that price staying for good?? $449 is still a lot..
Lol don't be a dumb hater. Smart people goto Verizon for the best network if you require travel to the burbs or rural areas (which I do), it's the best network by far for that purpose across the country. You live in an area that TMo and Sprint supports well and don't travel to those above mentioned areas? Go for them (actual TMo FTW)
+Miha Kukovec I think india is second most highly populated country..and we dont get these goodies too 
Holding out for the Z2 but at that price I am tempted just not a fan of the size.
Derek M
As usual not on Verizon......
Google you should sell GPE in Italy! 
Don't forget Switzerland Play Store please 
There s no Google Nexus e-shop in Switzerland !! Come here!! 
Looks great but does Google still goble up all the memory with updates?
No Brasil devia ser uns R$500,00
Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition is not available in your country.
Have 2 of the non GPe versions, nice phones. Shame play store is not world wide
Not available in mexicoooooo damn :-(
I wish could buy in uk , I'd buy all nexus and Google editions. So want these in UK.
Was that the Xperia that doesn't have a flash isn't it??
I got the winning numbers 3080
Why no Z2
Available in India??
Very nice..more robo beat down action. lol
I just bought my Nexus 5 (Bright Red) 1 month ago. If this deal would have been available then I just might have bought it! Goes to show you just how much profit these companies make on every device! 😕
i give up,new mobiles everyday we might just well be entering into the problem of choice season with all this phones
Why do these waterproof phones never have Qi so you can charge them without wearing out the plug for the Micro USB port? 

Still, I'd buy the hell out of that if it was available down under
I wanna buy one in China ...
Unfortunately not available in Germany -> bad
I don't understand that policy +Google Play 
All that size and they couldn't stick with the same 21MB camera as the new Xperias?
would buy it, if it's aviable in austria please!!!
yep, they're sellin' `em out
How Do You Get it
Now I'm starting to love Sony with the Google play edition because the stock version's design sucks!!. But I will wait for the new LG g pro2 or maybe the NOKIA lumia 1520!! IDK😨
How about making GPe devices available in Canada?! 
I just order one :)
Sony is selling it for the same price and has 2 additional colors but if you want prompt updates better stick with black from play stores
Omg, it lacks flash😑😑
Be nice to get these in new Zealand google 
Mine is on the excited :)
it's just a fantasy to me I'd need a miracle to own such a beauty good luck people
Can I have one with my plan MP.
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