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Google Play Books and Movies have arrived in Russia. Enjoy millions of books from the world’s largest ebookstore, including thousands in Russian like Алмазная колесница by Boris Akunin. And don’t wait to start enjoying local or international films on Google Play, they’re just a few clicks away. We’re happy to invite Russians to start reading and watching today anywhere on the web, phones and tablets! Read more about it here (in Russian):
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and yet still no adult section in the movies. *sighs*. :~(
Rob G
Now move a bit lower to SE Asia. Thanks. My Nexus 10 needs more content in Thailand :-|
When play movies and devices in italy ? Please !!!! O.O 
And when is gonna come the Nexus 4 to Spain? Since the 13 of last month it says sold out.

Why won't you take my money?
+Google Play what about paid apps in Serbia? You announced it at Google I/O 2010 but we still can't buy anything. 
Spasibo. Gonna drink VODKA and dance with bear comrades near Kremlin to celebrate this!
still nothing but apps for austria. still thinking about getting a windowsphone
Guys thx for this! But, what about Play Music? Can't wait for it!
Still no India :-( Even Apple has opened up its movies and music section in India. Google on the other hand disables the Google Books app on my Galaxy Nexus which I got from the grey market automatically. Seems should have gone for the iPhone. At least they sell their product with the entire ecosystem in India.
No Google Play fun stuff in Central America either. I live in Honduras and cant use wallet, or books or music google apps.
А когда в Украине появится ? :(
I'm wondering if +Google realizes that we have iTunes in Poland for more than a year already and the only thing that keeps some of us from buying an iPhone are prices. Google ignores Poland completely, Apple Maps are better than Google Maps in our country and iTunes sells us stuff, in opposite to +Google Play.
+Paweł Fydrych That's main reason I choosed Amazon for purchasing ebooks in Poland. It seems that Amazon doesn't care where we live as long as we have money. It's a damn shame that Google ignore one of the largest EU countries. 
It's great that we have Google Books and Movies in Russia. But only Russian localized content here - no books or movies in English. So I have to use Amazon again, nothing changed for me :(
Russia opening means Finland is coming soon also, must be so.

Then after that the other Nordic countries. :-)
wow. movies and books in Russia? Great, you forgot Poland!
When the Play Store going to arrive to Israel?, Apple already got iTunes in here... 
I wish they had a timeline for when they'd release these features to which country. Gives us a peace of mind.
The rest of the world is still waiting
I asking when will be able in Mexico? +google ? 
india please. we have the world's largest android smartphone user base but are given this treatment by Google? Not fair
Slovakia and Czech republic please!
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