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Is that magic, you say? No, it’s just the ability to download apps from the web directly to your #Android  device. After you click to install an app on Google Play, select the device on which you’d like to load the app. #playtips
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Erik H.
One of my favorite Android features, honestly.
Agreed Rtik.  Updating apps couldn't be faster.
Longtime feature that I still love! It leverages the power of something really cool, it's called the Internet...
that sounds like black magic to me!!! Light the torches! ready the pitch forks!!
Ability to "favorite" from the web? Please?
Can't wait for you guys to make a post that says" Nexus 4 back in stock!"
Awesome feature! I use it all the time!
Please make the Google Gift Cards adviable in Germany too...
Germany, Germany! We want the CARDS in GERMANY AS WELL!!

+Wayne Randall True. That's such a glaring omission. Why do I have to manage and see my wish list from the phone? It makes no sense.
I'd like to see a list showing all your purchased apps
+Daniel Butun the weird thing is that that list existed before and they got rid of it in subsequent updates to the Play Store. I don't understand why they did it. 
Think it was just reiterated as one of the pros that iOS doesn't have . Not amazing cause androids been rocking forever. Go Develpers !!!!
Always loved being able to do this.
I have a peculiar question +Google Play when I log in online to the Play store, I do not have the option to install remotely onto my Galaxy Nexus. Is there something that I am doing wrong? 
I still miss a convinient function, which ables to delete already deleted apps completely.
How about bringing Wishlist to the web interface too :)
Wow, I would have never known that if not for this post! Smh
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