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Join +Eric Schmidt right now in an exclusive live interview with Stephen Colbert as they talk about his latest book, America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't (
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Easily explained...there is no value in anything Stephen Colbert says.  The dead air is a side effect of that.
At the bottom of this notification, click on "view post" then you'll see it.
My favourite play is A Man For All Seasons too!
I can't tell if he was making a terrible joke about the volume buttons on the Nexus 7 or if he just hasn't realized they exist :/
Well, why didn't Eric say so?! Oh, there must be two models..?
Would love to download this one... I joined late at about 40 minutes into the show...
But why wasn't this a Hangout on Air™?!
I was hoping to see the wax dummy version of Colbert. 
keep telling it like it is stephen ;D
"This video is private".  Thanks for the invite to watch, but then not letting me.  I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.
+Tom McGhan Ok.  Thanks.  Seems though, there should be a better message than simply "This video is private".  Had you not tagged my name, I would have never looked back after seeing that message.
why advertise a video and then make it private? 2 thumbs down.
no doubt, i watched it earlier from this link, no problem
Are u ring serious ? How fing umb is this country becoming. Maybe dear leader can come on and joke about real unemployment of 15% is ok, most of em have cable
Many hours later and it's still private???
Dear Google, Why announce a video then prevent people from viewing it? -1
I guess it's not going to be available.  I really wanted to see +Eric Schmidt   Maybe it's being saved to air on the Colbert Report.  If so, I'm a cord cutter and  won't see it.  Either way, every time I see this post I get frustrated, so I'm muting and forgetting about the whole thing now. 
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