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Who's getting excited for the +Ender's Game trailer debut on May 7? Check out the video below for a sneak peek. #EndersGame
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Wow I can't believe I only read this book back in 11th grade because a teacher handed it to me because she thought I'd enjoy it and I loved It! 
+F. Diaz have you ever read Ender's Game? If not go do it, then realize that this is nothing like Hunger Games...
Nothing like hunger games...
Looking forward to a full trailer
+F. Diaz hahaha. You haven't heard of Ender's Game?! It's nothing like The Hunger Games and predates that series by quite a bit. 
Yeah, in hunger games they use a girl to lead there rebellion and fight, and in enders game they use a boy to fight their wars, yeah completely different lol :) 
+Peter Garcia has obviously never read Ender's Game. :P

Also, if anyone where to make the horrible stupid comparison between the Hunger Games and Ender's Game, you would have to say that the Hunger Games is another Ender's Game, not the other way around.
Ben Smith
Oh now I get it. They're the same because they have the word "game" in the title. :P
Actually +Peter Garcia says he read it, but is being quite generic in his comparison. Basically comparing any story with a rebellion in it... Wow
Wikiepedia because it's better than irrelevantly correcting someone and not actually stating anything about the novel...

"Set in Earth's future, the novel presents an imperiled humankind who has barely survived two conflicts with the Formics (an insectoid alien species normally called "Buggers" by most of the population). These aliens show an ant-like group behavior and are very protective of their leader, much like Earth ants protecting their queen."

+Danny Campbell +Michael Kendle 
I win... Patriot Games also starred Harrison Ford!
The same.
And Starship Troopers. That was just as good!
One of my favourite novels. Do not compare this novel to Hunger Games. Ender's Game won 1985 Nebula Award for best novel and the 1986 Hugo Award for best novel. Very prestigious awards in sci-fi / fantasy genre.
Well they both have HUGE connections with North Carolina.
I think I just found nirvana
I love Ender's Game! Go Bean!!
I have no hope of Hollywood getting this right.
I have a conflict: I love Enders Game but have recently learnt about OSC's anti-gay rights activist status. I don't want to give the guy any of my money anymore (after already purchasing so many books already)... but I still love Ender's Game. Damn you OSC for being a huge douche!
wait .... did he just say "commando"? Wasn't Ender supose to be trained as some sort of super-strategist, plus wasn't the whole point of  the training so that the kids didn't quite know what they were training for, that is all some sort of a game.
Hollywood is gonna (try to) make a blockbuster out of this but screw the story :(
and they won't ruin the story because the book's author wrote the screen play
I hear hunger games was stolen from a Japanese author in japan and they Brough them out!
The book was great. I just hope that they don't mess up the storyline in the movie.

(Crossing Fingers) please don't suck, please don't suck!
I'm a bit conflicted about this. I loved the book, but when I found out more about Orson Scott and his anti-equality stance on marriage the less I wanted to support him.
+Joseph Duval I am totally in agreement. I remember when my MOST favourite book became a movie. Unfortunately it was an abomination right from the start. The book was BATTLEFIELD EARTH. Never has John Travolta ever been closer to a target for a hitman. ;-p 
I hear you Aaron, kinda like L. Ron Hubbard. I really liked his early works, but I simply could not get past the first chapter of his book Dianetics (The precursor to Scientology). My advice to people is that you don't have to hate a man's work because you don't like his politics. My wish is that people would learn to differentiate personalities from professionalism. No wonder there is so much hatred in this world!

For my part, I simply cannot wait for the movie to come out - That little 5 second peek has me flashing back to the book I read more than 20 years ago (more like 30+ years if memory serves me correct!) No longer have hardcover (I think?), so I guess I will buy the series on Amazon for my Kindle to "refresh" the 'ol memory.
man do I hope this turns out good, read the book a few months ago and its now one of my favorites
I'm not a fan of the writer's politics, but it is still an awesome book. I'm looking forward to this!
Drew R
The enemy's gate is down is my favourite line of all time.
Looks cool ill be watching it at the movies
I've been reading like a mad man to get up to speed before the movies hit.
+Edwin Wityshyn I don't hate Orson Scott Card and I certainly don't hate the book, Ender's Game. I simply can't bring myself to support O.S.C. by buying any of his products. I'm voting with my wallet. I'm the same way with video games that feature licensed real firearms... I won't buy them even if they are amazing because I don't want my hard earned dollars funding more guns than they have to.
My favourite. So many possibilities. I can't wait to see the computer have he plays with the giant.
Judge a performance by watching. Judge a book by reading. Politics of actor or writer? Really? Always? No matter what? I don't believe you because you'd be a miserable bore. Nobody could take you anywhere.
I agree with Scott Linford. I enjoyed the movie Oblivion, but I do not hold with Tom Cruise's scientology, I listen to Bob Marley, but I don't agree with smoking pot, I listen to Elvis Presley, but do not agree with pedophillia. If you research any Author, Actor or Singer you will find something that you do not like about them.
This will be an excellent movie if they don't ruin the ending
Can't wait 2 lay m hanDs on this film and game

Exactly.   It is possible to disagree with someone without being disagreeable.  The alternative leads to violence.

I don't think Orson is in any way in danger of any violence. However his rhetoric only adds to the resounding mentality that has caused violence onto gay kids. I cannot support this man. I can easily separate people from politics from which I disagree, but not for a man so adamantly and actively anti-gay. Therefore I also will vote with my wallet and not be contributing to this man's crap.
Unfortunately it appears that Orson Scott Card lost the battle to keep the movie true to the book. Ender is supposed to be 8 years old  obviously in this clip he is in his mid teens. I hope that the screen writers stay true to the rest of the book. Having read and loved all of the Ender books it will make me very sad if Ender has a girl friend/love interest, that would destroy the plot. The book that is over 20 years old was and is a powerful insightful look at child exploitation.  PLEASE read the book before seeing and making judgment on this movie and judge the movie for what it is after its out as I will.
+Matt Greenway As OSC would say the movie doesn't destroy the book. The book is and will be regardless.
Oh is this the book starcrap troopers spun from
I hope they make 'Speaker for the dead' as the sequel. That was a really creepy book. That is of course if they don't ruin this one. Fingers crossed.
+Lee Chetwynd I think Speaker for the dead would make a better movie than Ender's game. I just can't see how a movie about kids "training" for war will be translate to a movie.
Concerned. I'm a little pedantic about favorite books, especially SF, becoming movies. The cerebral elements that make the book so great too often get sacrificed for effects, action, boobs or all three. 
If they ever make a video game based off of this movie/book will they have to call it Ender's Game Game or Ender's Game² ?
Still have the August 1977 Analog SciFi mag that had the original "Ender's Game" short story.
The book is awesome. I highly doubt the movie will be any good. The movie would have to be rated R to keep all the essentials of the book. Do you think they will keep ender killing other kids in it? A key element is that the adults are constantly watching them and using advanced psychological techniques to make them into ultimate soldiers. In the book they doubt the morality of it. On a minor note half the book takes place in the showers or in the barracks,where they ran around naked, and it was coed. I don't think it will be as bad as the Starship Troopers movie was but it will share the problem of key plots being left out
The book Enders Game has been on the US Marine Corps required reading list for officers for several years 
There is no way to keep everything from the book in the movie. If they can stay true to the spirit of the book and ramp up tension while allowing us to see the action, this movie could be awesome!
Wow!! It looks amazing. I hope they give "Bean" some good screen time as well.
Hoping that they can continue with forth coming movies as well. I enjoyed all the books about Ender's and team. With today special effects the story should really be close to the books. 
Oooo. Best Pre-trailer... trailer I've seen in a long, long time!
So short!!! Why are these trailers so short? I demand 30 minutes trailer. Or more. 90 minutes would do...
I'm curious about Bean. If they bother making the other movies he would be one of the most important castings.
Jay Woo
Think everybody's already called F Diaz a dumbass but I just want to say it again.  Dumbass.  I can't wait!  This had better not be a super elaborate Hollywood hoax.  I've seen enough fake Ender's Game trailers before.
I want this to be a good movie and a blockbuster, because I grew up on not only Ender's Game, but the rest of the series as well. They were one of my early introductions to science fiction. But I really don't want to give Orson Scott Card any more of my money either. Dilemma!! :<

For the people comparing Ender's Game to Hunger Games, go read both books and then come tell me how similar they are. Also, Ender's Game was written a long time before Hunger Games, as many other people have already mentioned.

Bean is awesome, but I want them to do Ender's siblings right, especially Val, considering how important she is to later books in the series.
+F. Diaz You cannot seriously be comparing Suzanne Collins to Orson Scott Card!
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