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Introducing our web reader for Magazines on Google Play. Now, when using Google Chrome, you can read some of your favorite magazines in your browser in addition to your Android phone or tablet. 
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That's great, is this in the UK too? 
What about +Mozilla Firefox users?

Nevermind, why the hell I'm even asking, magazines are not available almost everywhere.
Probably never! Google seems to be the only company unable to deliver content to other countries outside of the US. I gave up waiting on Google, I just find other services!
Cue disgruntled international comments that have no idea that it's the content providers to blame for it not being available overseas, not Google.
Will Google Nexus be updated automatically? 

Will it work with Android magazines like Wilson Quarterly in place of their version? 

Hate to have many different readers on my Nexus.
Erich W
+Google Play any info on when free magazines will be allowed on +Google Play this way small and independent magazines can put out free magazines.
But I still can't use my already existing subscriptions.
Erich W
+Roland Zeitlinger thats the problem this is the only way we can comment and hope that they see what we are saying and maybe comment since there is no official user forums for Google and Google products
Nobody at google reads comments! 
Yup great! Only if it was available in my country. :S
This is so awesome. I'm sure Google is trying to get their services everywhere, but it does suck to wait.
This is a great app, i was using it mostly on my tablet. Now that i can have access to my mags on my browser, i will definitely be buying more mags. 
I don't read magazine subscriptions (nor books) on my Android phone, but you insist in having the app installed on the phone please allow us to uninstall!
Zeitschriften auf Google Play sind in Ihrem Land leider noch nicht verfügbar.
Wir bemühen uns, diese beliebten Inhalte so bald wie möglich in mehr Ländern anzubieten.
Schauen Sie bald wieder vorbei!
as usual this feed is for US folks only. Well, now netflix, hbo etc launched here, so google is f_ed on yet one more market. useless lawyers obviously.
"Sorry! Magazines on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."

Nope, still useless to me.
I see there's still a large percentage of the population who has never heard of proxy or dns.
Not being able to use all these Google services and apps outside the US is almost enough to make you turn to Apple devices instead. 
Alex Ma
Finally!  I've been waiting for browser support for Magazines.
+Charles Eye I've heard of proxies, and no, it isn't a solution for Google telling the other 6.7 billion of us that we're not worth their time dealing with the content monopolists.
Why in the world would I want to sit at my computer to read a magazine? It just doesn't make sense. That's what a tablet/e-reader is for.
@M Bybee Apple has had a lot longer to get itunes into other countries. Google having a search engine doesn't help speed up the process.
+Dan Jones  Most of my reading would be on my tablet while I'm relaxing, though if I'm on the computer and wanted to reread or double check something I read, it's a lot easier and more convenient to view it on my pc.
+Dan Jones This is a to ensure their content is available on all devices. This would be a good solution for, say, someone who's getting a Windows 8 tablet. 
+Aidan Taniane Well, when was the last time you battled the "content monopolists" on your own behalf? I see an awful lot of people willing to complain about what they're not getting but who aren't willing to do something about it themselves. Start a petition, organize a content buying freeze, do SOMETHING for yourself. But then, that would take effort...better to just blame someone else. Quick, who just announced a new service?! I need to go tear them down for any limitations I find! 
+Matteo Sgherri +Mariano Gori ..not sure where you're living guys...maybe disneyland? Google is the only company unable to deliver contenent outside of US!? I'll take you back to the real world: google is only a platform, if whatever copyrighted media is not delivered in digital formats to your country blame collecting societies in the first place, then publishers, distributors and last but not least institutions since if your country, namely italy, is not so appealing for web media platforms as Google Play (or Spotify, Netflix and dozens of others) it could be related to the ridicolous broadband national coverage and that little thing called digital divide. Google is just a web service and all they can do is to offer a viable commercial platform, beside that...they have nothing or very little to do with wich contenents are delivered where.
+Charles Eye What the hell are you on about?  If I wanted to fight tooth and nail and bend over backwards for access to content I wouldn't be using a content platform like Play and I'd be doing nothing else.  The whole reason Google is suppose to provide a content platform is precisely because it alleviates us from having to do so and makes everything pain-free and easy to do.  That's what we pay them for.  I'm actually complaining that Google isn't taking my money.  But that obviously just sailed way over your fanboy head.
It's a shame there is no google magazines app for the UK, but I use Zinio and it's just as good..or maybe better! great magazines at affordable prices! From what i've heard the magazines on the play store are expensive.
+Aidan Taniane And you've missed the point entirely. Google is providing the services it can in the areas it can. If content you want isn't being delivered in your area then that's something for people in your area to deal with (at the root level) so that more platforms CAN provide you with the content you want. If Google's the problem, then you should have no problem finding a competing service that's not being so unfair...right? I mean surely, there are plenty of other companies just throwing content at you.
Thank You! This is an awesome feature!
Nice! This was a feature I was hoping would come eventually. I second the UK getting magazine support. They have quite a few magazines that I used to pick up and would start buying again if they were on +Google Play.
I have subscriptions on my US account but while I am here in the UK I still get told I can't access them. At least Kindle doesn't do that to me.
+Charles Eye Yes, there are competing platforms which actually do deliver.  Nice try at yet another fanboy deflection.
In the UK: Zinio for magazines, mp3 or +hmv for music, +Netflix or +blinkbox for films and tv.  I hear the world's richest company also offer all of these, but I wouldn't know anything about that ;) .  The problem is Google, not content owners. 
Still no love for indonesia
+Aidan Taniane You have other options available to you, yet rather than switch, you hope against hope that someday (if you stick with it long enough) Google will come through....and I'M the fanboy? If a service works I use it. If it doesn't, I find one that does. But nice try at projecting your issues onto me. 
Thank you!! Can you also add the bookmark feature, like for Google Books, for magazines please?
Sounds gre....oh wait, still dosen't have it here on Puerto Rico... also, no Movies, Music nor Books...
maybe you should be angry your country is not the biggest and Google is not your company.. calm down.....Google does innovate at least in contrast to Microsoft or Apple
+Mathieu Boily ouais comme d'hab et il ne communiquent jamais sur ce genre de chose... 
Considering that Microsoft have just released xbox music, I see no reason for Google to not have its services available worldwide... 
+Marco Vecchi I know that but I think a major company like Google should talk more with siae and others as Apple did in the last few years. 
 It does not work. I have been trying to read a magazine I bought a couple of weeks ago on my vizio tablet.  It does not display on tablet or in Chrome. I am just looking at a plane white screen.
I would like that google would first expand all the google play features to other countries!
Thanks! Just tested it and it works great!
WIll have to say goodbye to zinio.
People want to throw money at +Google but they don't allow it. 
and FIREFOX, is a Web browser too? or just going back to the ancient techniques that this only works for IE... Evil Google.
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