An emoji is worth a thousand words

Google Photos puts your memories at your ☝tips and lets you 🔍 and find your photos instantly. But sometimes, you're 🔍 ing  in a hurry: while boarding the 🚋 , carrying lots of 🛍 , or trying to find a perfect photo to match your joke's 👊line. When it’s crunch 🕰 , 🔍 ing with a full word just doesn't ✂ it. That's why we're introducing: #SearchWithEmojis

Whether you're looking for pics of your pet dog (🐶) or your hot dog (🌭). Your 🚲  rides under the 🌞 or the 🌟s you gazed under the 🌙. The 🐚 you found at the 🏖 or you favorite 🍐 of 👟s…

Finding your pics is a ☮️ of 🎂. 

Google Photos
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