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Play slideshows from an album

You like crowding friends and family around your computer or TV to show them photos of last weekend’s adventure. You don’t like clicking 132 times to show them each photo.

Luckily for you, it’s now possible to play a slideshow from any album. Just open the album, click on a photo, and select Slideshow from the dropdown menu.

For the ultimate viewing experience, cast the Chrome tab to your TV while you sit back, relax, and make everyone jealous with your amazing photos.

Slideshows are available now on and in the Android app.
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Still no Google Cast support for my Galaxy S3?
If it's 132 photos the viewers definitely aren't the lucky ones...
To bad when casting photos from the Google Photos Android app, it constantly crashes.
+Johnny Bennett that would be up to Samsung. I would install CyanogenMod on your phone, then you will have a much newer os and casting might work, though limited processor.
That's good. Waiting for it long time. 👍
Glad this is FINALLY here. For a while I was going back to Picasa just to show a slideshow of my albums. 
+Dierck Ziegler yep. The Android App works for a handful of photos, but when scrolling through a typical 200 photo vacation set, it eventually stops responding and then the Chromecast and device lose connection. After the first time it happens, it happens more and more often until the Chromecast is rebooted. Trying to cast videos from Google Photos via the Android App really accelerated the issue.

I have this issue with multiple casting devices, on multiple networks and multiple Chromecasts both 1st and 2nd generation.
I think this could be fun. It's like going to art class again. Better than art history that was a yawner. 
Glen H
And here we go again, no shuffled option. I'm not interested in seeing the first 500 photos over and over
Again, in the same order, like we have in Picassa, for over a decade.
After all this time, what a lazy implementation. Looks like these developers spend 80% smoking pot and 20% passing off freeware code as work 😉
about time. they used to have party mode slideshows, but those never worked. Let's see how this works...
Hi. I cannot see my first pictures I don't know how do I can find them. I removed my account once after that I lost them. 
I think there should be a slideshow button in the main album view. Currently the option only comes up when you open any of the photos full screen. Album view (in which thumbnails of all photos in the album are shown) should also have a 'play styled' button to start the slideshow. 
AndroidTV support and Auto-Awesome next!
How do you edit the slideshow, for example, how long photos stay on the screen, and what sort of transition you want, and how long between the transition, +Google Photos?

Right now it is just flick, flick, flick, with no fade in and out and all very sudden. Like with the 'smart albums', this needs a lot of work before you guys have anything approaching a decent replacement for t'stories'.

You know the old saying, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'!
Nice. Although this should have been available from day #1.
And still no caption support? :o
Why do you have to click on a photo to start the slideshow? Why can't you start it straight from the photo grid? 
When are you going to create an app for AndroidTV? Photos take a while to load when they are being cast. The experience is not smooth. The experience is not Goooogly!!! The old Google TV had the photos app and it was amazing!
Among the four collections of Google Photos, the latest post was created 30 weeks ago. Collection is not that useful?
Finally. Feels like I'm waiting for that since years......Thank you Google!
Great addition, but I do think there should be some more options, like shuffle, pictures only, or video only.
I have been waiting for this feature! Thank you.
Question: Is there something we can add to a photo or album URL to start that slideshow?

Suggestion: I noticed it going full screen instantly, and it does not seem possible to have it running simply in a window... having it window size is great to keep that "digital photo frame slideshow" on the side of your screen.

I currently use Google Slides and a desktop shortcut to start a photo slideshow in a window on my desktop. It would be great if I could use the Google Photos slideshow feature rather than having to build that Google Slide.
I'd like to share a link to one of my albums, and have that start the slideshow automatically. Sounds easy enough, eh?

Still doesn't replace Story's... bring back Story's Google.
Not available in the UK? No 'Slide show' selector in the drop down 😕
I can't find this option on my iPad, which would be good for photo displays. 
Doesn't appear to be available in Australia...?
Needs more work. 200 photo album stutters and stop eventually. Needs variable delay. Need shuffle. Needs transition options. And ideally be able to pull the album directly without phone interaction after launch so phone can sleep on a long slideshow. Plus looping too. 
Let's go fishing - Hookem Rockstars!
tested this out this morning, images are kinda pixelated
do not show my name any were or pic please thank you 
gostaria que tudo estivesse traduzido
Hi Google, we need caption support. It is very important for so many users for sharing pictures
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how to create videos from pc web page? :(
Please bring back or add feature

1. Auto Enhance is the best auto i've seen compared to the auto edit in google photos now
2. Auto Smile both are from Google+ Photos 3. Manually add name tag to photo, why? because as of right now, some photo just never show up in the People tag even with their face clearly shown
4. Sorting option, add the option to sort by name, date modified, date taken, upload date
5. Support Picasa name tag
6. Add the ability to add a tag or description to multiple photo at once
7. Add the ability to manually add photo to Things tag (Selfie, Wedding, Food, Car,etc)
8. Add the ability to download photo from all album
9. Add the ability to hide and show album and the photo inside from view
10. Add the ability to show duplicate
11. Add the ability to search exif tag
+SIVA J the first time I was wondering if anyone has been in contact with her 
+Google Photos​ where do I report issues in backup on some Android phones? Hasn't worked in last 2 months. Pls advise. I've already opened a discussion on Google product forums. 
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Mike D
Thanks so
I showed this to a user and they asked why was the slideshow hidden in the menu? Why can't we link to a slideshow? I had no answer ...
I Made Albums in Google Photo and when I go to albums, I cant Sorted out my pics by dates new first etc etc ..... really google simple option is not there???
Love the feature, kind of wish there was a randomize option though
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iOS Slideshows and Air Play to Apple TV. Those two would seal the deal for me. I would then move all my photos to Google Photos. An Apple TV app w slideshows would be a welcome addition, too.
Can you speed up the slideshow? Where are the settings for that feature?
Only there isn't such a drop down menu anymore!!!
I don't get a slideshow option. The only two options I have are: report abuse and about. This sucks!
Glen H
shuffled slideshow please !! Only been asking
for this since picassa 1 over 10 years ago
Google Photo is the best! But shuffled random slideshow please!

Google Images you help me to get online to check the web browser because I do not have in the App.
Slidshow feature is nice, but being able to select random, and speed of slideshow would be a bonus
Need to be able to add music too, like in the old Picasa

God bless you. I have been kind enough to be a good time,

No drop down menu for slideshow 
Can slideshow also display the title of the photos? That would help a lot!

Random slideshow would make this app even better. I am thinking into turning some of the older tablets into inexpensive photo frames

There needs to be a feature that when photos are added to the Google Photos album they are added to the slideshow without a refresh! 
would like to choose the time and the transition type (like pan and zoom)
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