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Enhance your Live Photos & sort albums in new ways

Live Photos bring photos to life with sound and motion, but can suffer from the everyday bumps and shakes that happen when you take photos. Plus, they can be hard to share with friends who don’t have an iPhone.

Now, with the latest Google Photos update on iOS, you can make your Live Photos smoother and more shareable in just a tap.

Using advanced stabilization and rendering originally used in the Motion Stills app, Google Photos can freeze the background in your Live Photos or create sweeping cinematic pans, turning your Live Photos into beautiful, captivating moments. Easily save it as a looping video and share it with anyone.

In addition, this update includes the ability to sort photos in albums chronologically or by recently added (fear not – this is also live on web and coming soon to Android). And, based on your feedback, you can now choose a new thumbnail for faces in People.

Learn more about the technology behind Motion Stills stabilization:

Get the update in the App Store:
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Re: adding the ability to sort chronologically - thanks for listening!!

Main wishlist from a (very) long time Picasa user - please fix the bugs introduced recently into the upload process... Pretty please... (namely: video upload no longer possible, and Picasa gets logged out at the end of every upload session...).

Google Photos is awesome, but Picasa is by far the best desktop companion for it for people who take tons of DSLR photos.

Thanks again!

Maybe you could add a Live Photos style feature for Google Camera for Android...?
Can't wait for this to come to Android.... oh wait.
+Leo Horwitz Yes they have, but they said that it should continue working as it had for years (it hasn't been updated for ages), but then server side APIs broke almost overnight. It's really a shame, considering Picass is by far the best way to manage and upload non-mobile photos to Google Photos.
How about you implement this for the Nexus 5X. The video recording stability is bad bad bad.
Why would you release this for the iOS before your flagship phone? This is so cool and I want it on my Nexus 5x first. :) #beingpetty 
Awesome. Now how about Google Photos for AppleTV?
WTF! Am I the only one trying to understand the logic for providing a Google product to iOS before taking care of the millions of supportive fans that have Android? I would think Nexus would get first dibs
You would think ANY other OS would be taken care of before their largest competitor... #wtf
I llchk inberys. Skin sooner
The iOS keyboard that Google released a couple months ago does gif searches. Still waiting fort that to come to Android too. 
Still waiting for the "Sort by file name" option :-(
🐆🐆🔫❤Rg-□☆tfq□a -

Thank you for the neglect, +Google Photos. Why don't your managers and Team Leaders go and join Apple? And please tell us if we need to stick to Google or move to iOS too?

Will the stabilized option be added to the Android burst mode to GIF feature?
Very interesting to see the images live. But I like also the classic photos because women have not skilled in the art. I envy all those who are adept and follow the latest innovation.
Still waiting for you to BRING BACK GOOGLE STORIES, +Google Photos 

Your Albums are still boring rectangles in boring rectangles, with no white space and no ability to adjust layout, and no horizontal scrolling, and no fun, and no life, no magic, and no way to tell a story of your holiday, wedding, or other event.

It looks like nothing has been done to fix the blandness of Albums since Stories was ripped away without a by-your-leave or anything, which has left my wedding and honeymoon Stories in a shambles. It is an inferior product to Stories, all round.

When are you actually going to do some work on Albums to prove that our "memories matter" (your 28th May 2016 post), and that they are not just empty words?

Puri E
Explain how to get it 
so cool good job check out my channel summer feels

Editing in Google photos not nearly as good as it was in Picasa, any added editing features are welcome
There's just a headline and zero explanation on how to proceed. Do we abandon "motion stills"? Seems to me there are a few more bells and whistles with that app. I tried editing a live photo in GP and it lost all it's sophistication. Why does everyone insist on calling their app "photos" anyway. Damn confusing and hard to search for help. 
Thanks your reply , my nice Google friend
Does it work only with new taken Live Photos and not the already taken ones? 
"Coming soon to Android"
Sad. Maybe millions of people should just say f your Android platform and go with iOS since you can get features and apps from both companies.

Google wants eyes no matter the platform that's true but don't think they wouldn't take a hit when people like me who purchase apps, music, movies and magazines stop and just purchase that on iOS.

Please add changing the thumbnail for people to Android. 
For those of us who don't know what this is, is it a feature, app, extension?
After editing the live photos or synchornize the edit from other devices, the live part always disappear. BTW, the live part is invisiable on the website.
how do u arrange for photos added to be arranged by recently added? i see no option for this in the iphone app of google photos

I beg you, please add the ability to sort photos (in an album) by name.
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