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Chromebook users, now it's even easier to backup and share your photos. 

Today we've updated the Google+ Photos app for Chrome OS so that Auto Backup runs in the background.   You can just plug in an SD card and move on to other things, knowing that your photos and videos will be saved for you.

Check out +Oren Blasberg's post for more details.
Now it’s even easier to save and share photos from your Chromebook.

With the Google+ Photos app you can back up photos and videos any time you connect a phone, camera, or storage card to your Chromebook.  With our newest update Auto Backup will continue in the background even when the app is closed, making it even easier to get photos from your camera out to friends and family.

Just plug an SD card into your Chromebook and your photos and videos will be automatically backed up to Google+ Photos (for your eyes only, of course).  And that’s it! You can move on to other things or even close the app, knowing that your memories will be saved for you.

A progress bar shows how many photos have been backed up and you can pause it at any time, like when you need to give a presentation or move to a slower connection.  You’ll get notified when the backup is complete and your photos and videos are ready to share.  

Get the updated Google+ Photos app for your Chromebook today.

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Auto Backup 사진없애는법
Cool! Pleeeeeease integrate with Drive soon.
Are you working on adding highlights to this app because it's the only platform without them. Also adding Stories would be great :-)
+Oren Blasberg Hello Oren! Will this update work for only android phones or iPhones as well? Also is the chromebook only or will this work on chrome for windows, mac, etc? Thank G+ Photos!
Does any one know how to make SD card as google photo's default location.Currently it saved on internal memory of my tab
Kinda off topic but Google Photos app for android really needs an AutoBackup folder. Its really frustrating to type # autobackup in the search field every time i need to check my auto uploaded photos.
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