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Google Photos for web - now with timestamp editing

We're always listening to your feedback and we’re are happy to announce a few often requested updates for the web.

- Change the timestamp of your photos
- Reorder your photos in an album

We’ve also added some additional features since launch that let you change your album cover photo and remove inaccurate search results. All of these updates are now live at so make sure to go and give them a try.
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Good work Photos Team. I really hope you're planning to implement the G+/Snapseed editing tools.

And no, a shortcut to the Android app is not a solution for those who like non-destructive cloud editing across platforms.
And perhaps chromecastsupport in the future?
Photo dated the 26th June 2013... and taken on a Nexus 6 - troll level: 9,000

Timestamp edit!!! Woot! Now all I have to do is change the bad dates on all those pics. ONE. BY. ONE. 
Ken Peers
Hooray! Chromecast support and location editing next, please
Automatic Auto enhance like the old G+ photos had. Just as an option.
Why can't I remove the thumbnail of my ex and deceased relative from the People grid when every time I open Search? 
I wish I could put a watermark on my photos
I like what you do with my Photos, adding  my Name, putting them in an album for me, it takes a load of work off of me. Keep up the good work.

Thank you
Mark A.Purnell
Thanks for adding timestamp editing for individual photos. Need to add changing timestamps on multiple photos. If I have incorrect dates on 500 photos in an album, it's going to take forever...
Please add the feature to crop images to specific frame sizes. How come this feature is not already there?
Why on earth did you ever comment out that code when you re-branded G+ Photos as Google Photos?

Now, how 'about uncommenting the code that lets us set the GPS location of photos?
Great! Location editing and chromecast support for the next release please ;)
I want chromecast support too please.
But there are still some photos can't be edited. why?
Still not able to move a photo from one album to another?
Nice, but better editing tools (Snapseed), Chromecast support and the ability to create Stories, Gifs, collages and movies with the desktop assistant should be much higher on the priority list.
A welcome small step...  Google Photos has a very, very long way to go to catch up with the other google tools it is supposed to replace.
Nice! Looking forward to Chromecast and photosphere support.
Please let us reorder our albums too.
Thanks. That's progress.
+Google Photos Please let us edit the location too.. Handy when exporting pictures from cameras that dont have gps..
I want to rotate multiple photos to at once... Not one by one! That is my number 2 request. #1 is Chromecast support of course!!
+Google Photos Great to see these features added. I've used an Exif manipulation tools to edit the timestamp of hundreds of photos. 

As +Suhas Vemuri wrote, it'd be even greater to be able to edit the location (geotag). I ended up using Picasa (client) to edit the geotag. 

It'd be even cooler if the geotag can be 'automagically' added based on the background image by comparing photos taken about the same time (those with geotag and those without : use case - photos taken with DSLR without GPS and photos taken with a phone at the same place and same time). 
Timestamp editing is done one photo at a time, not cool. Also it doesn't seem to work on the photos marked as "December 31, 1969" as they don't have a timestamp to edit (seems like a group of photospheres are placed there for some reason). Oh and of course we still cannot view photospheres via the web interface... baby steps
one by one, not cool, we need batch editing.
+Google Photos​ How exactly do we remove inaccurate Search results? That option is not showing for me.
Thank you! This is a really useful update; and the new interface for fixing timestamps is much nicer and easier than the old Google+ one. (Though I miss being able to fix time zone problems.)
Sweet! Finally :) Thanks!

I'm going to second (and third, fourth, fifth, and sixth :P) the ability to natively geotag photos individually or in bulk.
And still no support for photospheres? Who prioritizes these updates? I can offer some help.
Another web request: Easy rotate of photos. Just a button to rotate the picture when I'm viewing them. So not in editing mode just in viewing mode
I've just been told by someone who sees the option on theirs how to remove the inaccurate Search result... but the way they did it does not show for me yet, so clearly that feature is not yet Live for everyone.
+Eli Fennell It's not supported in manual searches, only in those suggested by Google Photos. For example if you type "Dogs" on the search bar, you can't remove inaccurate results, but you can if you click on the "Dogs album" that Google Photos has probably created in the "Things" section in search (unless you have zero pictures of dogs).
Must be a bug.
Google Photos is better than others. Easy to make it, easy to save it, and easy to be creative!
Ability to remove faces or at least hide from the 'People' search section and PLEASE PLEASE bring back Chromecast support for slideshows! O:)
Please, please, please bring back the ability to add/edit geolocation! The old Google+ photos had this ability and it disappeared. This would be way more useful than editing time/date. Almost all cameras have time/date codes automatically, but not all cameras have a GPS.
Please please bring back auto SD card backup to Chrome OS
I really like that when you plug in an SD card, all the photos were backed up to the cloud automatically
With the photo apps removed, all of my SD card photos are backed up to my Google Drive which takes up storage
Contact tagging w/ facial recognition a la Picasa <3 plz plz plz
Excited to be able to edit timestamps! I would love to be able to edit the timestamps on a number of photos at the same time.
Add ability to sort images in albums! Now it's oldest to newest, but sometimes it's convenient to have newest to oldest...
Thank goodness. As of no I apparently took a picture in 1969 and I wasn't even alive lol 
timestamp verymuch liebombay stamp now its mumbai maaramaari tum mujhe khun do main tumhein aazadi dunga tu uch bhi lihnee liye aazad ho yuni tumne apni aatma asauda ar liya hai sauda hara hara haalani tumme pran abhi baani hai aisa is liye i hey r vastu shastra asalmeinshastra jistarah tipu sultan i talvar thi jo bit gaya vo abhi laut ar nahin aata deewaroni bhi aanhein hoti hain a
I wasn't very happy that my perfectly organised photos got Un-albumed by the windows uploader and that almost all the metadata is missing from the "info" page, it doesn't even say what albums its in!
Please add the ability to order by time taken and reverse time taken! This feature is so good to have!  Want to keep parents updated on my childs progress but the latest pictures get stuck at the bottom (of a previously sorted album when using G+....).  PLEASE!
Bring back Auto Awesome. Remember? That feature you announced to such fanfare at IO like a year ago?
Great! Does it "learn" if we tell it that certain photos are not a certain thing?

Also, an option for reverse sort on a per album basis would be good.
+Google Photos​ photo descriptions can only be added when using photos on the web, and not on mobile devices using the Google photos app for android! It takes you a long time to resolve that issue. Why?
Thank you Google Photos for all.  Have a nice day!
Awesome I've been asking for this for a long time
Thank you! Now I still miss the feature, to put fotos on "just see them in the album and not in the 'all foto' stream.
Well drag to reorder does not seem always useful.
I miss a lot the sort in reverse order so that the new pictures are always at the top of the album. In fact I would like an option to automatically use reverse order when adding new pictures to the album
A step in the right direction. Still need the old editing tools back, auto enhance, fix the issue where I can't download and edit autoawesome videos, allow smaller thumbnails in albums. 
Arrange/Order photos one by one..   +Sundar Pichai  ChomeCast support still missing.. Google Photos not progress well even after separate from Googe+
I've just found that timestamp edit is one photo at a time. It's not that useful if you have a bunch of scanned photos (or misdated photos) from films/prints. It'll take very long to edit them one by one. 

+Google Photos  As is possible on Picasa, it'd be great to batch-edit the timestamp for a selected set of photos (or all the photos in an album). BTW, Picasa (Mac) can only edit 'DateTimeOriginal' in Exif, but Google Photos uses 'CreateTime'. So using Picasa does not help. I ended up using ExifTool ( to batch-edit the timestamp. 
سلام بر دوستان در گوگل پوتو 📷
Good basic functionality, but it's worthless without multiple (selection) editing option...
add pls also:
-possibility to change geo tag
-chromecast support
-editing tool like snapseed
awesome!! this is THE one missing feature!
Nice though Photo Sphere support is still missing
Google photo needs a export to Lightroom plug in
what we need is search by size or a flag on photos that takes storage space
I was missing this feature so much! Thank you 
4 . 3 have already been made .
Great! Thanx for bringing this feature! The next one should be geo tagging and mass geo tagging. Cheers
thanks , some other features that would be nice
1) be able to fully delete a photo from within a collection
2) be able to mark a photo as a fav
3) search by people tagged ( seams like tagging is no longer allowed ? )
4) search / id duplicate photos
5) options to order collections
It would be nice to be able to email a photo or multiple photos from Google photos and not just a link to the photos.
what about simply adding date if it's missing altogether ? sometimes that happens.
Finally my main missing feature for going 100% google photos. But i just tried editing the date and download the file. It doesn't seem to embed that date in the EXIF data of the file? Am I right, then this feature seems useless to me, since being able to takeout my things (if ever necessary) is important to me.
Nice.  Now we need to be able to reorder Albums!
+Google Photos Nice, but still a long way from usable. Please add auto-sorting by date, filename etc. (we already had this in Picasa Web Albums and Google+ Albums). Changing the time of a single photo is a rare use case. If anything, please provide a bulk-timeshift of a selection of photos (if your camera's clock was incorrect or if you mix photos from different timezones or if your camera was out-of-sync with your GPS).
Keep at it.  At this rate the new app will be almost as good as the old one in about 6 months.
Is there something to check out? I lost interest in Photos long time ago. Firstly, the auto backup was buggy. It uploaded alright: when I deleted a considerable amount of photos/videos from my phone to save space, G+ uploaded some 7 gigs of data, old data obviously. Nothing seemed to change in web photos. It uploaded alright #2: sometimes kept on uploading on mobile data, even when I never had mobile data enabled. Secondly: the image compression low quality was an issue. Lately I've used flickr. No recompression, 1 TB free space.
Now what I would love is a batch photo enhancing like Google plus photos. 
Arrange Photos one by one? Seriously? Where are the "order by date/name" options? Common Google, you can do better :-)
You guys are killing it out there on Google Photos.. :)
J. Love
Now add location editing, batch editing and reorganizing albums by date taken, file name or captions.
J. Love
Please add support for chromecast and remembering the timeline when watching videos and resuming watch at a later date.
Thanks for adding it to the web interface. Now, add it to the mobile apps!
Naag panchmi photo and seyar
Getting better each day
When are you going to sort out DNG upload failing?
Very pleased about the introduction of time stamp editing, but it really needs available for batch editing. 

I have about 1,000 photos from old scans that need the timestamps changing so doing this one at a time is still so laborious I'll sit it out and hope for a fix. 

One suggestion: the ability to hide photos.

I don't want every photo I've ever taken showing up when I pan through photos with friends (notably work photography) but right now I can only delete it or leave as is. A folder for hidden folders should be added where folders can then be made public, if desired (or hidden by accident). 
How about fixing the auto feature which was removed on the last update. We dont want time stamp. We want our auto back! 
Thanks, A good team + Nice photos and much for us. 
+Google Photos​ ... An album timestamp would be very helpful as well in order to have a chronological view on all my albums (in case I upload my holiday pictures only months later and have other albums created meanwhile). 
+Ryan Cornelius Big +1 to your question.  Great new feature, but I seldom need to edit the date/time stamp on one photo... it's almost always a large batch (dozens or hundreds) of photos that have incorrect or missing date/time. +Google Photos is it possible to edit the dates or shift the times on a whole batch or album of photos at once??? If not, please consider this a critical feature request.  
+Google Photos​​​ without a proper g+ integration is this app almost useless ...
sharing is more important than just "sorting". Product management of google photos completely miss the point of photos. Taking photos = sharing, not storing.
Great feature! Please add the ability to find and remove duplicates. When uploading hundreds of gbs it it easy to accidentally upload some photos multiple times.
Reordering is a great feature! But wouldn't it be easier if no need for edit mode, only swaping them in basic album view?
Batch edit also would be a nice feature.
This was a major flaw in google photos. Nothing ever was in order when pictures were sent to u or transferred to you. 
You are interduceing the time stamp, editing, & more means what? You already interduced then why debet sorry for this comment. Thank you.
Thanks for allowing us to reorder images in an album again.  I was really stuck there for a while when I couldn't do that.
Can you also please enable the ability to 'highlight' certain images?
Reordering in Google Photos is not as user-friendly as it used to be in Google+ Photos, +Google Photos. One can only reorder a single photo at a time, whereas we could select multiple photos and rearrange them at once. Also, the very first editing tools in G+ were way better than both Snapseed and what we have now. I enjoy using Google Photos, but then I also feel nostalgic of the way it was. I hope all those options that are now missing will be reinstated in the future.The search feature, however, is really powerful and is a great assistant.
Agreed +Lore Iodi.  
I also wish +Google Photos would allow us to sort the albums by name or date in reverse order so we don't need to scroll all the way to the end to see the most recent image.
+Jared Ribic Right now you can sort them that way on the web in Picasa, hopefully they add that feature to Google Photos web and app
So do I +Jared Ribic. It was actually possible to organize albums by date taken, name or reverse order in Google+ Photos. Let's hope the +Google Photos team will add back this feature to the new iteration, +Kyle Salewski. It makes no sense offering new services that are upgrades as much as downgrades :(
Very pore upgrade can't edit nothing you can't add special colours please improve this very bad I'm not impressed with this😧
Collection section can we not have it as grid. I don't want to scroll through my collection! 
Can we please have the decent editing tools back? The new ones are just rubbish :(
Cannot edit time stamp on mobile version
How about sort by time, like newest to oldest (instead of the default oldest to newest)?
Great updates. Now, for the update of all updates: let us "merge" and "remove" people from the automated faces search. Who's with me on that?
Google Drive support for this feature is broken. When you enter a new date for an item, the item stays in the wrong date's folder in Google Drive. At this point I think you should just axe Google Drive support, it doesn't "just work" like it's supposed to. It's the least Googly thing I've used from Google, just full of bugs and inconsistencies.
can someone tell me how to remove the location from my Photos?  I don't really want to share pictures publicly that from a location that is clearly my home!!!
Is there anyway to include Geotagging to the Pictures at "Google Pictures" ? I don't see that as an option.
what about google+ editing tools? (snapseed), geotaging? face recognition outside U.S.? desktop app (for windows/mac)? long way yet....
Wonderful!  Need batch edit (especially date and perhaps place).
I agree with the need for batch edit of timestamps.
How can you organise an album by date taken or reverse order. That was a very handy feature on Google+. It does not Seem to be available anymore...
Batch date edit pleeeeease !!! Google Photos is perfect apart from this missing feature.
the batch edit of exif data (descirption, date, time, location, etc) should be standard not only of google photos in the browser but also in the android app. this is so important in managing hundreds, thousands of images of the typical user.
How can i do a bulk timestamp editing? I upload an old album with wrong timestamp.
Batch edit time/date stamp is essential, all movie uploads from mac seem to have todays date, i have a few hundred to do and I am not looking forward to it.
I think a crucial feature would be the organization of collections (manual order, order by name etc) and a blast would really be the possibility to have collections inside collections.
+Kyle Salewski
Use Picasa 3.  You can change individual photo dates easily or just set one date for all photos in an album
+frank kelly Yes I know. I can use a variety of programs but you need to download and re-upload them. Not ideal. That still doesn't help me bulk update photos in the cloud.
Please add 24:00 format and Time Zone choosing possibility when changing timestamp of the photos.
Google photos is a GREAT service and it's so good knowing I don't need to keep a hard copy of all my photos on disc. 
I just went to try to batch edit a group of photos where the timestamp was incorrect and couldn't. It would be great to have this feature. I can't be bothered going through 50 odd photo's and changing them one at a time.
I would second the request to be able to do bulk/group timestamp editing.  We uploaded all our photos and a lot of them all have the date of the upload.  I am having to go through and update them all - I think 1,000+! 
We want to be able to batch edit the date, not laboriously work though them all one by one.  Please get a grip Google Photos!  Also put the photos in the order they were taken. Otherwise a great app.
This is great guys! Would love to see batch editing for the time stamp. I have a lot of photos that are importing at the wrong date. Keep up the good work!
it is unfortunately not possible to change the date and time of several photos at once ... I have to change a photo at a time and that's a lot of work still has to improve a lot.
ps: sorry for possible errors in grammar, this is not my native language;-p
Do you think we have 1 photo with bad timestamp? :) Please... I have ~200 folders with 100 photos each. Bulk edit please! Find a way! Thanks anyway ;)
I uploaded photos taken with several cameras. i then manually edited the time stamps on google photos to have the photos flow chronologically. However, when i add these photos to an album, google photos seems to ignore these manual time stamp changes and the photos revert to their original order. It seems changing time stamps does nothing to the exif data and confuses google photos itself. I confirmed this is consistent with picasa web albums.
Back to downloading photos and using 3rd party apps to edit time stamps.
Hi all, our need as users is batch editing of dates! I've never actually needed to change a single picture's date.
WTF google. Why have you take useful functionality away. Mass edit, sort, move, etc... What are you doing?
Yep - I bulk uploaded a load of photos that a photographer took with the wrong date on his camera - been a bit annoying, can picassa update these for me ? or any bulk feature ?

This is great. But you guys need to make it so people can edit them in batches.
Yes please!!! Batch editing & Geotag editing is a must
I got 3000 photos in various albums with wrong dates. it will take me 60 hours to edit the date on each photo. there is a reason we drag and drop photo in to album. because they were taken on the same day or week. Does google recognize that would be cool feature to have ? set the date of the photos according to the date set on the album. actually that's just too much to ask. why don't you give me an option NOT to show dates on my Collection view so it doesn't confuse viewers with the false dates ?
thanks !
Is it possible yet to change the date of many photos at the same time.  I have old slides from the 70's and they are dated in 2011.  It would be great if they did not get mixed in with the pics of my kids and I can scroll down to see them in mass.  
This all makes sense, but until we can MASS edit the dates of photos there still remains an issue.
So right now for mass timestamp editing, it seems the best approach is to download the photos, then run a desktop utility which can handle mass EXIF tag editing (I'm looking at either Shotwell or exiftool), then re-upload the pictures and delete the old ones.
+Doug Elkin I'd rather wait for them to implement a bach editing feature. But yes, that's your option right now.
Timestamp editing is a great feature, but it isn't much use until a batch edit feature is available. Additionally, it should be a "shift" batch edit, since all the photos/videos in an album would typically be off by a fixed interval of time.
Ditto this! Need batch editing of dates.

For batch editing, I basically just followed the download-edit-reupload system.

Beware: Caching makes it seem like it isn't working, but give it a day.
What about batch editing AT LEAST for rotating pictures ? After uploading pictures scanned from negatives, I have to reorient them one by one. Not ALL pictures were taken in the digital era with cameras that had gyroscopic capability to identify orientation... ;)
exactly!  come on google!
Hi I was just wondering when the batch timestamp editing feature will be available? I have 100's of photos in my google photos that are old scanned photos and therefore have completely the wrong metadata date stamp. i would really like to fix this. Thanks
Is there any way to get this feature with bulk editing?  For some reason when I uploaded all my photos a lot of albums have the wrong dates.
+Ken Kinder Can you refer me to instructions on what systems are needed and the procedures to follow in order to 'download-edit-reupload' for batch editing of photos? I figure one needs a PC or MAC to do this, I am using a Chromebook.
Is it true that Google Photos now has bulk editing?  I can not find it.  I have photos everywhere with the wrong dates.  Need bulk editing Google!!
Does Google ever respond to this thread?
until google gets BATCH TIMESTAMP EDITING, i'm sticking with dropbox and you can't have my precious data. mwa ha ha ha
Drop box has time stamp editing?
you pieces of crap make rotating and date changing multiple already
Please make it possible to edit time stamps in bulk. Thank you!
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