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Get the lowdown on AdWords

Drowning in AdWords announcements, feature releases and changes?  Here's a list of the most important of the recent updates to AdWords that you as an agency need to care about:

This was presented this week at #GoogleEngage events in Belgium and the Netherlands by +Dave Booth of +Cardinal Path 
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How does one get in touch with a real person who works with Google Engage for Agencies?  I am currently a GEA member but have some additional questions for someone connected with GAE.  Thanks.
Hi +Patrick McDaniel you can send a note through the "contact us" page in your profile.  Someone will get back to you with answers.
Hi +Patrick McDaniel, you could register for a Google Engage Event, they are held a few times a year in most cities. You will be able to meet with Google Staff and other industry peers. 

They are great events for both knowledge & networking. and you get a free lunch! 
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